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Percentage of armored Scavs ? Deformation Ammo vs Penetration ?


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From my Gameplay experience till now it seems that the mayority of Scavs dont have Body Armor...it says the Equipment would be random... but it seems that the chance you get 6l5 or so Armor is rather low... so its probably not complete Random just random selection of pre-defined Loudouts.

Should i focus on soft-target Damage? Like using Shotguns and Slugs for example ? or Hunting Ammo for military Weapons?

From the Videos i watched before i bought the Game i thought that AP Ammo is most important since everyone is running around with lv5 Ceramics and Maska Helmets... but this high end loadouts seems to be rather rare and most Enemys seem to be Scavs anyway...other PMC i meet in the Game after saying something in English so they realize im not Scav where friendly and teamed up with me in all cases ... when i was shot by PMC it was always panic where we dont realized we are there booth and then stumbled on each other from 3 meter Distance and then some people just shoot from fear and reflex they dont give you benefit of doubt.

Btw this "stumbling" into People only seems possible when you wear a thick helmet without Headset.... with noice increasing Headsets you can hear them all the time but when booth have thick helmets you can stumble into each other and get this panic situations.

That is why i currently (from my limited experience) favor good Headsets (the one which make silent things more loud) over Head Protection.

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I don't know where on earth you're finding any friendly players. I have been playing for a year now and have never once found a single friendly player in game. The only time I find friendly players is friendly scavs on a scav raid, and even then that only occurs a quarter of the time - the other scavs are just always proactively trying to fight you, or provoke you into shooting them by shooting at you or around you, yet you then immediately get penalised in your reputation for Fence for retaliating.

Shooting a player SCAV as a SCAV should never penalise your reputation with Fence, because THIS. GAME. DOESN'T. HAVE. ANY. ACTUAL. TEAMS.

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