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Rating System / Karma Titles


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I think it would be good when this Game uses a reputation System... it would be realistic too... People in Tarkov who shot their Teammates in the back and robbed them would become infamous and recieve certain Nicknames in real Life too. 

Just Imagine a real life Scenario where some PMC Guys at their Camp make a Group, go out to the City to loot something they need... and always the same Guy comes back saying "Man we went in an Ambush... all other are Dead... but fortuneatly i could save their Backpacks and Weapons".... when this would happen 2x no one would ever want to be alone with you in the same room and for sure not go in a Fight with you.... Those People even without evidence would become infamous and get nicknames etc.....

First there should be titles ,which cant be removed and will be displayed next to your Name in 3 Levels of Good or Evil

For example when you constantly and regular shoot own Faction to rob them you would end up with" Name - The Traitor" ... when you accidental teamkilled a few Times... you would be known as "unsafe Shooter" or something like that. 

And for People who never shot their Teammates , those could earn positive Titles where you would end up with something like "Name - the loyal Comrade"

At least People would know who they deal with when they get a Invite for Team..... 

There are People who are as low as inviting you to Team and then Murder you when the Game starts... those would be infamous in Real and should be in Game too... and Titles are probably the best Way to make it obvious who the People are.

I also think that Scavengers should be punished in a way which increases their Timer by 100% for every killed Scav... so when they shoot alot of other Scavs in a Match (since AI gets Agro) they would be punished with 90 minutes or so waiting time...

Then they have to consider " How much Loot they could get when playing those 90 min compared to the Loot they want to steal atm from someone" ... 

Yesterday a other Scav murdered me at the Exit... after i turned my back to him to cover the Entrance... and he used that Moment to shoot me in the Back... and for what ? I came into game very late,had no Loot and only a shitty bolt action 20 gauge Shotgun... a Weapon i would have trown away after exit... He could have asked me for it and i would have give it to him lol... but he just shoots me in the back....  

Perhaps People would stop doing that for low value loot when they would get punished by Timer increase 

Reputation Standing Penalties could work once they become perma.  But as far as i understand this Game gets wiped several Times a Year so they know that this negative Standing wont hurt them long time. 


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I've been pitching for the scav timer increase for a while (glad you are on the same page).  I also like good evil titles idea.  That'd be cool, interesting, and I'm sure some would be motivated by it.  Nifty idea; thanks for sharing!  :)

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