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Pace of Global Wipes


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At the rate that Tarkov increases in popularity more and more people are going to be reaching end game equipment and cash levels faster and faster. I think we can agree that the people who have a lot and the people who have nothing won't be changing much before the next planned wipe. Going into a raid and losing the little you have over and over again can make you frustrated and feel hopeless. You might get lucky and kill someone loaded and extract successfully but how long before that kit, or the rubles from that kit get used up? I think as the game stands the way it is now the player base is going to get bored and stop playing faster and faster every wipe. From personal experience these past 3 wipes feel like they've gone by faster. The game was fresh for a month and half, then a month, and this wipe it felt like people reached end game loot and status barely 2 weeks into playing. 2 weeks into playing and every raid you go into someone mag dumps you from 20m away with igolnik. There isn't much you can do at that point. The point of wearing and helmet past class 3 is pointless again since everyone is running BP at the very least, and if you aren't wearing at the very least class 5 armor (at 90-100k roubles per) Then why bother wearing armor at all. Either the pace at which the game receives a global reset wipe needs to increase, and not just when there is a major update, or the armor system, and looting systems need to be further changed. The fire rate cap they implemented has only gone to make some guns entirely worthless like the STM, and the SKS. Dynamic loot tried to prevent loot runs from being the same every raid but it realistically didn't change much (even though I think it was a good change). What I think needs to happen is an overhaul of the entire endurance, strength, and weight system. Because in its current iteration your PMC can run faster that Usain Bolt while carrying a full kit, and a raid backpack with over 50 pounds of extra loot in it. You can keep that pace for extremely long periods of time as well without suffering any real consequences. Your hydration and energy aren't decreased at an appropriate rate, your health isn't impacted, and with the use of MULE and SJ6 drugs you can carry and run as fast as you want without any lasting repercussions. Maybe adding an addiction penalty for the use of to many narcotics, or damaging of the legs when you exceed a certain amount of weight dictated by your strength. There are plenty of creative and realistic solutions that can and should be added to tarkov to retain player enthusiasm without sacrificing an active player base. What is everyone else's thoughts on these suggestions? (And yes I realize how difficult some of these additions may be to code and to maintain with the team that BSG has, I'm not saying this hate or any strong criticism, I just genuinely want to see this game succeed, and not end up like Day Z) 

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I agree with some parts of this, though as a person who still goes out in a Paca/found weapons/and mid tier ammo from time to time... I still feel like the wipe comes too soon and could be pushed farther out lol (so I feel the opposite in some ways).  So when it comes to getting mag dumped with Igolnik, I feel like people sometimes get destroyed not from that, but from making bad strategic choices.  If you hear a gun shot, you don't always have to run to it and engage ya know?

Anyways, difference of opinion aside, I do really like your points about SJ6, MULE, and PMCs just being able to run ridiculously fast.  I do think they could take steps to make PMCs less of gods when it comes to traversing the map.  BSG could definitely add some more realism in this sense that could enhance the game. 

I actually like how they raised the Flea up to lvl 20 requirement (that seemed to slow the pace of the game some) - though, at this point mid wipe, just about everyone can get everything except for brand new players. 

I have heard two other ideas that might help with your issue.  1) - limits on the Flea Market, similar to how the traders limit how much you can get of a certain item, doing that same thing with Flea items, like oh, you can only buy so much Igolnik in a day, might make players have to play with slightly worse ammo/gear, making engagements a little more even (then again, with enough time and wealth, I'm sure a lot of players, this might not affect them at all).  2) - I think it would be cool if they had a map, or two, that were like level/tier restricted.  Like, you can only use/find up to T4 items on this map kind of thing, I think that would be especially helpful for newer players to get their bearings while still being able to get things and progress etc. 

Anyways, thanks for sharing this dude.  Hopefully BSG/EFT keeps growing/improving off of feedback (I also want to see this game succeed because I'm really enjoying it).  :)

Cheers, -Datvi

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