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Massive ram usage, causes severe lag and then CTD


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It's happened three times in a row now, once being an attempt to reconnect to one I already crashed out of. At first I thought it was after playing so many raids, but it seems to be server specific maybe, since I ram spiked and crashed again on trying to re-join my ongoing raid.

I have 16gb of ram, and in the past I've never seen EFT use more than 8-9gb of it. When it's been crashing it seems like the usage goes to 12.5gb and hovers around there, and then the game crashes and sometimes takes other programs with it. I've had both Chrome and Discord die when the game crashes, I have to force kill them.

I tried to capture a shot of my task manager showing the high usage, but got a blank black screen instead. So it's really hammering my system before and when it crashes.

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