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Other Companies even try to fight against cheat


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They are trying man! Check some of their videos! They say (just say than who knows) they are putting a lot of effort into it and will do more!

They are just a little company, first big game made! Activision and EA can't beat the cheaters with their billions or dollars and with hundreds of developers (and thousands of employer with also a dedicated legal team and stuff) ... what do you think a super small company of maybe 20 people (30? I do not know) can do???

Though they say they are trying and honestly in this wipe I did not feel to be killed in a bad way too many times, most of my death (which are A LOT) seems fair, either I was exposed or in a stupid position or it was a fair fight. 

Then maybe is just my experience but I feel is getting better, not perfect, but better! Then I do not run LABS and I heard that there is where most of the cheaters are but anyway ...

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On 10/15/2021 at 10:34 PM, Uncley said:

A New Anti-Cheat Initiative for Call of Duty

Very questionable initiative to install kernel-level spyware with unlimited access to all files on your PC. And this is not about privacy, but about your own security. I definitely would not trust the most customer-unfriendly company to have full control over my PC 24/7. At least not until it will be fully reverse-engineered to see what it actually can and cannot do.

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5 minutes ago, Andrudis said:

Very questionable initiative to install kernel-level spyware...

You already have kernel level software running on your PC if you play Tarkov. It's called BattleEye.

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