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Hardcore Character Just Getting Started (NA-W)


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Just got rolling with a hardcore character: 

  • 1. You can not purchase equipment from Dealers and Market with money.
  • 2. You are allowed to Barter for equipment.
  • 3. No Flea Market.
  • 4. Secure container for keys and post-raid money management.
  • 5. In-raid & Task money can be used to purchase armor repairs & any container.
  • 6. In-raid & Task USD can be used to complete missions.
  • 7. Mission specific items can be bought using in-raid money.
  • 8. Terragroup labs can be entered with the use of a key. No limitations.
  • 9. No Scavenger Raids.
  • 10. Only play with other Hardcore Players.
  • 11. No assistance from friends/communities.
  • 12. Money obtained from leveling Dealer Reputations will no longer be deleted. It will now be stored and used for Hideout Upgrades that require money. You can exchange RUB - USD - EUR however you see fit but you can NOT use the money to purchase items from the flea market to upgrade your hideout.
  • 13. Items required for hideout upgrades must be either crafted in the hideout or found in raid.
  • 14. You can craft in the hideout.

If this interests anyone hit me up.

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Hey I bought a 2nd account a while ago when bearded slob was doing this. I would be down for that. I think this game is much better with people anyway. my tarkov name is DimiTheTwin

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