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SCAV KARMA - This beloved and hated rep


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I love the scav karma idea and from when it was introduced I am doing more scav run than PMC run!

I am doing my best to have fun AND increase Fence rep. Now I am at -0.33!!!

Aside from extracting the PMC from a paid extraction points (which is a limited thing as it decrease the rep gained over use) you can increase the rep extracting as scav without killing other "good" scav OR killing "bad" scav or PMC.

I mainly focus on extracting without killing ... which gives you 0.01 (and increase if you do multi kills, maybe with a granade or trying to defend yourself) ... meaning that without failing you should do 600 successful extracts to get max rep. At 20 minutes average for extraction it means 200 hours of gameplay, just scav! considering you have to wait an average of 15 minutes between scav runs (depending by hideout upgrade and Fence rep can go from 10 to 25 so average 15, roughly), that has to been added up to the gameplay, as you have to wait, total amount of gameplay will be 350 hours! This without considering any run where someone can kill you and worth nothing!

It seems a little too much effort AND boring, as at this point you should just run to the extraction point without wasting time (and risking to meet others) hoping to do not cross anyone else! For 350 hours!

Killing PMCs, I tried, it is too risky! I hear a noise, I wait in a corner, I kill, damn it was a scav! I turn a corner, get inside a container, there is someone ambushing, shooting, killing, damn it was a scav! And loosing 0.1 for scav kill ... add 10 runs to the previous equation ... so overall 6 hours ... for one kill made by mistake!

Then there are long distance kills, where you can't most of the time understand if it is a scav or not (it is difficult to me even at close distance) and the time ONLY goes up and up!

I tried to level up karma killing PMC and this is what happened:

I was at the top of the big building in Customs, saw someone walking at the end of the railroad far away, scav aren't there, I shoot, I kill! I will go to loot, damn it was a scav, probably human as AI do not go there! Ok, dang it, I will loot at least ... I hear footsteps, I look and there are 2 players running in my direction and one starts to shoot at me ... I kill them both, go to loot, both scavs! I am mostly dead, all broken, I hear other footstep, this time he kills me ... of course the only PMC I met that run! And there I went from like +0.5 to -0.35 in a run where I was trying to kill PMC! I stopped it and will never do again! THIS FEELING SUX!


This is EXTREMELY frustrating, and not in the good way EFT frustrate you on its gameplay, and it make you think if it is even worthen the effort (right now probably not)! It is REALLY sad!

I see posts of people asking to even increase further the penalty for killing other "good" scav! They are just brain dead people who probably aren't really trying!

This system NEEDS a rewamp ... or to be removed from the game (I am though hoping in a rewamp).

Some ideas are:

1) as a scav, having a better way to identify other "good" scavs to limit kills by mistake

2) giving ways to increase Fence rep aside from scavs runs (quests for fence to help scavs which maybe can be done with the scavs as well to increase rep, donation to Fence to increase your rep ... maybe up to a certain rep, lets say 4 or getting rep for selling things to Fence at low price and so on)

If the scav karma stay as it is, and people wants actually to increase their Fence rep, it will end up in 2 ways:

1) People stop to care, will keep dropping rep and at some points all the scav runs will be like PMC run;

2) People will do the run to extract run and there will be 3/4 human scav just not even trying to shoot anyone ... not even looting to do not risk to encounter someone, and being BORED like hell! No adrenaline, no nothing ... just run praying ... and WASTING time!

I do hope this system will be reworked at some point because, for now, is the most funny thing I find in Tarkov ... potentially ... which is actually extremely time wasting and depressing right now!

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And the best part of your system is getting a run through. I also follow it, trying to be a good scav and sheet. Between every PMC run I do a factory scav run, loot expansion underground and rush exit.

Next wipe if they don't put 1 day cooldown I'll just be a bad scav as it is so much easier. :)

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Listen, i know where you are coming from and theres on simple solution just use f1 to call out and listen for russian, if you lower the penalty or even remove it, gives incentive for toxic scavs players to just kill more, what about all the peaceful scavs? what would be the point of even playing scav runs, personally i dont find this an issue scavs and pmcs do not look alike, my issue is getting killed by rogue scavs all the time which is making it impossible to get any rep at all 

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I like the current system and think the penalty for scav on scav kills actually needs to be more severe (I like the thought of a scav timer cooldown hike - up to like 50 minutes).  I also think the car extract as a PMC should not give scav karma (why should you earn karma as a scav, for doing something as a PMC - seems like a silly idea to me).  So I'm on the complete opposite opinion of you. 

I do get your point, where sniping it can be hard to tell - maybe take away scav karma penalties at super long distance shots?  Or one idea I just thought of, maybe they could make goals in the maps for scavs to do that would increase your rep a bit?  Like if you go down in the bunker on reserve and turn on the power you get .01 rep.  Just for funsies.

But outside of that, scavs normally look a lot more disheveled than pmcs - and I feel the more you play, the more you can tell the difference. 

Also,  a little trick I use, if you are aware of the map, positioning (pay attention to AI scavs that move around), if you hear gunfire near a scav you saw, then everything should be okay to shoot right over there.  If a PMC killed a scav, well you can kill them and get your rep up.  If a bad scav killed a scav, then killing them won' t hurt your rep.  So big gunfights are a big telltale that it is okay (most of the time) to spill some blood. 

So some of not killing friendly scavs is just experience and attention.  I do not think scav karma is in its finalized version, there is still room for improvement of course, but some of my best moments in this game have been fun working with anon scavs because of scav karma.  It has been a really cool addition to the game and I hope it gets tweaked to perfection. 

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