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Main Menu Screen, and Loading Screens and Music.


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Suggestion 1: Loading Screens

Player Submitted Screenshots (Reviewed by forum for greenlight, to be uploaded to game for photo transition on loading screens.) 

-Possibly a collection of the best photos with different scenes showing the raw aspects of the game and a reflection of its players/lore. 

Suggestion 2: Main Menu

A Menu screen option like this picture for reference (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3oANzD) that is static, and doesn't move around with the mouse cursor. 

-I find that the cursor moving the background menu screen is quite nauseating and a static option with a fire burning or something like windhowling scene decaying building tin on the roof lifting  and metal noise flapping or rain hitting it as an idea, just for general ambience on the main screen, would be nice thank you. 

- Show randomized general best stats to beat for the day on the main menu screen. KD, Longest Shot, Highest Killstreak, Static Weapon Kills etc. maybe customizable letting you choose which ones to display, like a veto. 

Suggestion 3: Adding Ambient Sounds as a Music Choice. Example (Natural Weather Effects, and Interactions with the Environment etc.)

-The heavy metal/techno after a while gets obnoxious, don't get move wrong love the effort put into it, extended periods of the same song ruins the vibe for me.

the ambient noises would be natural everyday things we are all accustomed too so it wouldn't have that kind of effect, that's just my opinion anyway.



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this is a really good idea. maybe if there was a polaroid camera added to the game you could take pictures and bring the pictures into raid for the person who kills you to enjoy. like a selfie if you and killa or a sunset you happened to see while walking by or even a picture of a cursed gun or  a picture of pestilly's dogtag ect.

overall I would love to be able to do this. +1 from me

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