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Repairing weapons and armor


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Can anybody help me understand how repairing really works (difference between bad, good, fine)? I've been playing for a while and use the wiki intensively but I can't find this anywhere.

What are the benefits of using Prapor, Skier or Mechanic for repairs? Despite the obvious more durability output for a higher cost?

What are the blue and red lines you can slide when repairing, is there any benefit of lowering the lines down? Why can you select them in the first place? Only to save money? And why part of the output you can select is red? Does that mean that you can potentially lose that durability anyway?

And are those mechanics the same for weapons and armor and why weapons can only be repaired so little? Is there something to come in a next update that allows you to repair them yourself?


For what I noticed seems like there's a lot of missing details they wanted to implement but gave up on in the repair section, like the repair time, or why there is a indicator for repair price in contrast to the repair quality indicator, or the repair-ability indicator which tells absolutely nothing. This a part of the game still confuses me, despite everything else being polished and well explained everywhere.

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Essentially only use prapor to repair armour. Otherwise you're better off buying brand new armour. Guns I've never bother repairing as scav guns already have a low max repair level and I've never had a gun last long enough to bother questioning whether or not to repair it. The performance between good condition and falling apart is almost neglible, especially on bolt actions. 

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