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inventory/ lootmanagementsystem quality of life options/idea.


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Helllo all. I looked around for a way to do this but was completely lost, i dont think its necessary i just find it odd it doesnt exist or that maybe its overdue for consideration if never. I feel like these  ideas will go along way in ui quality of life. 
1.Adding independent Key bind for Rotating  of items, Keep it default "R" but have its own option to assign different keys if needed  for some users, im sure not all users are  bothered by using "R" sometimes to rotate.. 
2.Adding a "Lock item in place" option, this option would add a Right click command or a toggle option somewhere to manually select items to be "Locked in place" so lets say that you have a favorite layout for your various items, Containers. so that when this option for that item or container is enabled that item can not be moved manual or by auto sort it will keep its place. can not be deleted unless lock in place option turned off.
3.letting people add stuff we're not allowed to have in a usable loadout, for example and this goes for anything  that really goes onto your kit. say you wanna make room in your inventory before a scav raid allow people to add stuff they're, not allowed to have in there like excessively stacked backpacks with other items stacked inside but just restrict this person from loading a raid at another point like insurance screen before being able to hit next items will be red as not allowed with the current message about item limits and stuff that just cant go. 

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I wasn't even aware that the keybind for rotating the tetris models wasn't even editable, good catch.

I love suggestion number 2 as well, I've been really aching to lock my containers in a certain arrangement at the bottom of my stash and let the auto sort figure out the top half. +1

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