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Prognosis on when there will be a mode without wipes? Or even if?


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Dear devs,

so I had my fair share of wipes already since a few years now and I was wondering, when I can come back to the game without there being a wipe afterwards. 

There was a time when Nikita said there will be a game without wipes, but maybe he changed his position in the meantime. I watched a lot of twitch talks with Nikita and the usual suspects, and well I would like to know when I can expect to play without losing my gear to wipes anymore. 

If it will happen.

When it will happen, 2022? 2023? Never? What's the current plan?


I consume other games. Games come and go but I like to come back to Tarkov. Usually. But the itch of losing everything to a developer pressing Enter got stronger and stronger with the time.


Please mind, that I don't care when the next wipe will be. I care about the last wipe. I want to plan my next years of gaming. Preferably around Tarkov.


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the main reason tarkov wipes at all is because the game is still in beta. In fact on the title screen it says something like: This game is NOT complete so expect bugs..."

Until the game is complete then dont expect to not have wipes. In fact I think once you can host your own EFT server there will be more wipes than ever

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