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Is there a map that has a lot of scav on?


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6 hours ago, Cannon-Fodder said:

No. I don't play COD. What taught me this was design and composition of the shot cartridges. Say for example, you have 12 gauge cartridges, the shot within each cartridge will be closer together at close range than they would at longer ranges. At long range the shot spreads out to cover a wider area of effect (good for hunting birds, but bad for trying to deal maximum damage to a person). Buck shot is not fired through rifled barrels, so the range isn't that great. If you use slugs, that's a different story. But we're discussing shotguns at close range. 


Now imagine standing in front of all these pellets as they fly out of the barrel... most, if not all will hit you. Lots of damage (i'm talking RL damage, not video game balanced damage). What I find in games is they either make shotguns only effective within 10-15 meters, or they are ridiculously effective over stupid distances 100+ meters. I don't know if you've ever looked at a man-sized target at 100 meters but it's hard enough landing a shot on a stationary target that size, let alone a moving one. But I digress. 

My point is, I didn't learn this from an arcade style fps, it's just physics. 

This much I can certainly agree with, as it makes logical sense. Know your limits and work with them etc. 

My apologies for the assumption, I say 20-70m because the 153/155 do not work well in CQC because of their firing delay and barrel length. The saiga is great though. 

Another key is body armor, if I aim center mass at 20m, chances are pellets will hit their head, stomach, arms, and legs whereas up close, I often die having 700-1100 damage blocked by armor and 420 done to flesh.

At 70m if you dump the tube into a guy, he will be very very messed up no matter his loadout, he will have no legs and no stamina to run with. He will also be missing arms.  The idea is not to put all the buckshot into an apple sized group for me, because that reduces my ability to score headshots. One express pellet will 1 tap head. 

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