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Scav reputation mechanic flawed and potentially bugged


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I just came out of a scav raid where one of the scav buddies (player) killed a PMC. He was looting the body and I was waiting for him to finish to get any leftovers. A third scav appears (might have been AI, not sure) and kills the looting scav. I immediately HS the offender. As I was looting the bodies, two more AI scavs appear and start shooting at me so I leg it to the extraction. I was gutted to find out I got a penalty for killing the scav.

Unless this was a bug of some sort, my only explanation for what happened is that the scav that killed the PMC was rogue. An AI scav came an killed him while looting, and I thought that was the rogue scav. Then I became a rogue scav by killing the scav that got revenge, and lost rep. This is really f*cked up.

The whole problem with scav rep is that you don't know who you can shoot. If you don't want to loose scav rep you must make sure you don't fire any bullet from your weapon as a scav. If someone fires at you from a bush you can't fight back, you have to leg it. All this means scav runs are really boring and when you don't even get a backpack it feels like you are handed a big 'f*ck you' on a plate.

Assuming the mechanic is intended to get scav players to cooperate rather than shoot each other, I'd include a feature where scavs have radio's and you get a message when a PMC or rogue scav is spotted with the location and if its a scav a basic description of what he's wearing and what weapon he has. This would help with identifying threats and bring a bit more scav fight to PMCs. Also you could make the penalty for killing scavs temporary so that you can take chances from time to time, for example by doubling scav cooldown for a few days. I guess its about finding a balance where it's not so punishing to make a mistake but without allowing toxic players to abuse the mechanic and ruin everyone else's fun.

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Two things

A. This is a bug im pretty sure that absolutely nobody appreciates

B. I think being able to actually choose what your going to say rather than have to mumble random words would be nice for comms.

It would be REALLY cool if sometimes if you have high scav karma you can load in as a raider or boss guard so there was a goal for people to actually have high scav karma. Looking at YOU BSG

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