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About AR15 replace HK416 computer box


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Why is not the first generation of HK416?

The development process of each series of HK416 is as follows:

HK416 is a basic type, without striker spring and striker insurance;

HK416A1 has added the striker spring and striker safety, and only the left side of the receiver has a groove for holding the limit hook of the puller handle;

HK416A2 has Over The Beach capability, which means that the gun can be fired immediately after it is out of water. HK company specially filmed this promotional video;

HK416A3 is the Norwegian type;

HK416A4 changed to two fire triggers;

HK416A5 is the first major improvement model;

HK416A6 is said to be the heavy barrel type of HK416A5;

HK416A7 is the second model with major improvements.

hk416_14.jpg.333b30326219204c5b3e9c4405f0dcae.jpghk416145.jpg.a2e22fe149e232e51b12cae1f3f3a0b2.jpgThe final finalized HK41

HK416 still uses many M4 original parts, such as bolt and shell hook. However, the improvement of the air guide has prolonged the service life of these parts that are about to expire. Heat-is the hidden killer found by HK engineers in the direct air guiding system of AR weapons. Anyone who has been in contact with AR weapons knows that the heat from the air duct enters the frame of the gun, which not only quickly dries and volatilizes the lubricant, but also accumulates carbon in the gun to form dirt, which makes the action mechanism The service life of important components inside is greatly reduced. After adopting the piston-type air guiding system, the moving parts of the firearm were obviously "cooled" and its service life was greatly extended. In the test, an HK416 projectile exceeded 26,000 rounds. No part of the firearm was damaged in such a frequent use, and the barrel was very long-lived. This shows that the heat will not enter the action mechanism through the air guide piston system. After shooting multiple magazines in the fully automatic mode, you can directly touch the recoil spring of the piston rod and the pull handle (HK) with bare hands. In various videos promoting HK416, the company likes to disassemble the gun immediately after shooting, allowing visitors to touch the gun with their bare hands). According to Kyle Defoor, who retired from DEVGRU, the biggest advantage of using gas pistons is to solve the problem of "Over gassed" (excessive gas) after installing a muffler on short AR (including M4 and Mk18 CQBR ).

After the original M16 was installed with a muffler, due to the change in the pressure in the barrel, too much gunpowder gas would enter the gun. In this way, the various reliability problems mentioned above will be more serious. In addition, there will be gunpowder gas leaking backwards from the handle of the pull machine, and pounce on the shooter's eyes (the problem of gas overflow can actually be solved by optimizing the internal design of the muffler. Some special forces purchased the SOCOM556-RC muffler from SureFire and installed it on the Mk18 CQBR, only to find that there was no feeling of gunpowder gas rushing towards their faces) . Sometimes users have to replace the pull handle with an enlarged size and air flow deflecting device to prevent the leaked gunpowder gas from hitting themselves. This problem is most serious on the M4A1 with a shorter barrel, especially the CQBR. However, units such as Delta and DEVGRU have used mufflers in most of their operations in recent years, so they pay special attention to this advantage. No matter what muffler is installed in HK416, this problem will never occur.

In addition, another improvement for the bolt action is the addition of firing needle safety. The AR type bolt is designed with a floating firing pin. Since there is no firing pin spring, the firing pin will move forward under the action of inertia when the chamber is closed, and hit the bottom fire of the bullet in the chamber. This power on M16 is not enough to strike a primer, it will only knock out a small pit. This is the same as most military rifles (such as AK, G36, etc.), the probability of misfire when locked is quite low, unless inferior ammunition is used, such as a bullet with a protruding primer platform, or a very soft primer. However, since the recoil speed of the HK416 bolt is much higher than that of the original M16, a stronger retraction spring must be used accordingly, which leads to an increase in the forward force of the HK416 bolt when it retreats. In order to avoid the possibility of misfire during locking, HK company has added a needle safety to the frame of HK416, so that the needle will not hit the primer at the moment of locking.

One thing must be clear is that HK company is not the first to switch to the air piston device on the AR rifle. Before HK company, American RROC company has already introduced AR rifle that uses AR18 air guiding device, but it has not caused a big impact on the market. Earlier, when Taiwan developed the T64 ( the prototype of the T65 rifle ) in 1975, it also transplanted the AR-18 air guide device to the M16 rifle. This is because the propellant produced in Taiwan is much "dirty" than the United States. , The combustion residue is large, and the failure rate is higher when directly used in the original M16 structure. But this kind of innovation in Taiwan has not caught the attention of other AR gun manufacturers. However, T64 may be the first design to transplant the AR-18 piston system to the AR rifle, but it is still not the earliest piston AR design, because the earlier piston AR is the 703 type developed by Colt in1969. Prototype gun .

rroc_m4a1.jpg.785cc5210722431437480cb749490783.jpgThe technology of HK M4 is not the first, and there have been similar products with similar M16/M4 modified air guiding devices for a long time. In fact, Taiwan’s T65 standard rifle can be regarded as a similar product of M16+AR18 air guiding device.

HK416 is a short-stroke piston AR rifle, although it is not the first, but it has set off a trend: Colt, LMT, KWRC, POF and other AR weapon manufacturers have launched a series of new applications. AR type product with short stroke air piston. In addition, there are still some companies on the market that have introduced some "air-blowing-to-piston" modification kits, but it should be noted that modern firearms design affects the whole body, such as the one developed by Colt in the 1960s. Model 703 air - guided piston M16 has made a lot of changes, even the size of the receiver has changed. Since the HK416, many other "air-blowing-to-piston" solutions on the market simply replace the air duct with a piston device. However, the original design of the M16 did not consider the use of piston devices. If you do not make corresponding changes to the frame and receiver, you can directly use the piston to push the frame, which will cause the unlocking force and the return spring tension to be not on the same line. To generate torque. For example, when someone tried PWS's Mid-Length conversion kit, the result was that the gas hoop part was welded and broken. Another person tried the ARES company's conversion kit and the piston rod was bent and deformed and broke. A pull machine handle. The HK416 has made many adjustments to the center of gravity of the bolt, frame structure and receiver, so it is both reliable and durable to use.

After completing the improvement of the air guide system and the related components such as the bolt, the engineers of HK began to turn their attention to the rail system. They designed a four-way rail handguard that can keep the barrel floating freely. System so that various standard accessories and sighting systems can be installed. In addition, due to the need to give way to the air guide, the top of the handguard of the HK416 needs to be heightened. In order to make the height of the handguard and the rail on the top of the receiver consistent, the top of the receiver of the HK416 is higher than the ordinary AR.

xray.thumb.jpg.7125a3d25b7c1b175da6ccdab6af6540.jpgThe X-ray image of HK416, the top of the receiver is raised to be flush with the upper rail of the handguard, and the upper rail of the handguard is higher than the traditional air-blown AR to make room for the air guide


In order to provide longevity, HK company also uses cold forged barrels, using high-quality European steel to manufacture barrels of 4 different lengths including 10 inches, 14.5 inches, 16.5 inches and 20 inches. The HK company’s promotional materials claim that the barrel of the HK416 has a quick release function, but it is not really quick release. It means that compared to traditional AR, it can be removed as long as the barrel is clamped by a vise. There is no flat surface for the vise on the barrel, so special tools are needed.

The AG36 under-hanging grenade launcher originally developed for the G36 has also been improved and named the AG416 enhanced grenade launcher module (EGLM, which was later finalized by the US military as M32 GLM ). The AG416 EGLM can be added quickly without any tools. Hang under the handguard of HK416. At the same time, the HK company also modified the shape of the magazine well of the HK416 so that it can use the SA80A2 special magazine for empty packs. This kind of special magazine for empty packs is also a product of HK company’s SA80A2 upgrade plan. There is a baffle at the front of the magazine. As long as empty packs with a short length can be loaded into the magazine, it can be avoided when it should be used. The accident of loading the wrong live ammunition during training with empty ammunition. There is a yellow button on the front of the magazine body. When the magazine is inserted into the SA80A2, the button will be pressed down by the front wall of the magazine well, so that the empty cartridge can enter the chamber. However, this design is often complained by some users, because although the magazine well of the HK416 can accept USGI magazines of the US military standard, it cannot use some magazines with a large front arc, such as PMAG. And these users will not buy SA80A2's special magazine for empty packs, so this safety feature does not make sense to them. Therefore, the HK company has modified the design of the magazine well on the latest HK416A5 , so that it can be used for all M16 magazines again.


Both the original HKM4 and the later HK416 carried out a large number of live fire tests in harsh environments, such as the U.S. Army’s Yuma Desert Proving Ground in Arizona, to test the effects of these improvements. In the best and worst gun conditions, all types of military and civilian ammunition were used, and barrels of all lengths with (or without) mufflers were tested, and it was found that multiple parts of the action mechanism were reliable There has been a significant improvement in sex.

After the final completion of the HK416 was also tested by the Delta Commando. After one of the first batch of 10-inch-barrel HK416 carbines delivered for testing successfully experienced a durability test of 15,000 rounds, the Delta Commando proposed A formal order was placed for the first batch of hundreds of HK416 10-inch barrel weapon systems. So when will HK416 begin to equip troops? The first official public news was reported in the US "Army Times" on March 1, 2007, which mentioned that the Delta Commando planned to purchase a batch of HK416 upper receivers to modify the existing M4A1. According to the US Federal Procurement Announcement (No. FA5270-07-R0009) on March 28, 84 sets of HK416 10-inch upper receiver kits have been purchased for the 1st Special Forces Battalion (1st Special Forces) of the "Delta Commando" in Ryukyu. Forces battalion) use. However, according to what Larry Wex said, the first batch of HK416 delivered had left the Obpendorf factory in July 2006 and was immediately put into combat use. The leader of the Delta Commando delivered a speech at the weapons delivery ceremony, praising it as the most successful project undertaken by the unit and the buyer.

After the HK416 was equipped with troops, the Delta Commando found some defects that needed improvement. One of them was that when the attachment was installed on the heavy handguard, the center of gravity of the gun would be very forward. In ensuring that the continuous firepower of the HK416 can be maintained to meet the requirements of a large number of fully automatic firing in the specific tactical environment of USSOCOM, HK engineers redesigned a lighter barrel, which successfully reduced about 7 ounces. The weight of the HK416 can alleviate the problem of the previous center of gravity. Therefore, the SMU units under the jurisdiction of JSOC (commonly known as Tier 1, including the Delta of the Army and the Special Operations Research Group of the Navy, namely DEVGRU) , the HK416 they are equipped with is basically not a model of 14.5 inches or more, and most of them are equipped with 10 inches. .

The reason why the HK416 is top-heavy is not only because the piston device is heavier than a slender air tube, but also because the ordinary model of the HK416 is designed with a thicker heavy barrel directly. So even for the light barrels produced for US special forces, they are thicker than ordinary AR barrels.

barrel1.jpg.05e7ebe54267d40e0b508113dcc0a9ec.jpgThe 10-inch barrel, the top is the light barrel for US special forces orders, the two pictures below are the ordinary HK416 barrels

barrel2.thumb.jpg.28adaf4927b4cce8fbda6b5534f7b278.jpgThe ordinary 14.5-inch barrels are heavy-duty barrels. The large round hole under the air baffle is used to install the HK GLM grenade launcher

m27barrel.thumb.jpg.e147391acbc049a0655c4d415d577c55.jpgThe M27 IAR's "heavy" barrel is actually the same outside diameter as a normal barrel, but with two gaps missing


Of course, maybe the old round plastic handguards can also solve this problem. Although many manufacturers have produced replaceable AR-style handguards, the HK416 has changed the barrel installation interface, plus the size ratio of the piston device. It turns out that the airway is taller, so other AR handguards cannot be used on the HK416. For this reason, each SMU unit has hired some other companies to help them design a lightweight handguard that can be used for HK416 (see [ HK416 Light Handguard ]).

In addition, according to several interviews with the HK manager on the HK German official website, it was mentioned that there is a heavy barrel HK416A6. If it does exist, then for the HK416 whose original "normal" barrel is a heavy barrel, this This kind of "heavy" barrel should be a more super-heavy structure. But no picture of HK416A6 can be found so far.

a6barrel.jpg.cfc140688bee2f13b852a2dd837fc860.jpgFailed to confirm whether the barrel below is the barrel of HK416A6

At present, HK company sells the complete HK416 on the market, and also provides upper receiver kits including barrels and bolts, which can convert existing weapons into HK416. Since the M16's receiver is designed to be unstressed, it has a particularly long service life. It is very tricky for the US military to save money. Like the Mk18 CQBR equipped by the Navy's Special Forces, it was originally assembled with the upper receiver provided by the factory. On the lower receiver of the existing M4A1, the Navy later purchased a large number of new "factory" guns directly using the M16A1 lower receiver in stock. This can also explain why the Delta Commando in Ryukyu only purchases the upper receiver of the HK416. However, since the upper and lower receivers of the original guns are more closely matched, although it is possible to replace only the upper receiver components including the bolt, it is generally recommended to buy the whole gun. The biggest obstacle hindering the US military’s procurement of HK416 is the issue of origin. As a countermeasure, HK America signed a contract with Wilcox Industries of the United States in 2007 to provide machinery and technology to jointly produce HK416/417 and its products sold in the North American market. Semi-automatic civilian type MR223/308.

2wcmiv6_small.jpg.473f986d15275b904115ac3ca020c9bc.jpgp10004_small.jpg.826605bbf78bd31e41bae4995257b1ae.jpgThese are the shapes after only replacing the upper receiver of the HK416

dsc1145_small.jpg.10be61299554ee5be121b0ef736ec8a7.jpgdsc1146_small.jpg.363ec727e06c79e5baac6f11341f087f.jpgdsc1262_small.jpg.2b5bda9849dea18d811f8664635e2455.jpgUse POF's P416 lower receiver to combine with HK416 upper receiver

hk22lwt1_small.jpg.806b40b417dc7079a3c66948aed6b0e7.jpgHK416 upper receiver plus LMT lower receiver

ballerhat_small.jpg.9ddc970a0374538d53318baaf0f029b5.jpgcris416_small.jpg.3b9377c6b36a5f990565eb5cc3781c7b.jpgdsc8300_small.jpg.9f6d6ddf4c89677d2434ef67f4678f69.jpgdsc8320_small.jpg.947d8040f224ae5c835b72f1b82a55dd.jpgdsc8328_small.jpg.9d223273fc5f5aa0a30764ec2fa8de34.jpgThese are photos of changing the upper receiver of HK416 to the lower receiver of AR

10_upper_kit_small.jpg.01575045fb5bb10b019fe5a8cb57a0fe.jpghk416mup_small.jpg.66d83e35dcb84283e05aaab86bf2c964.jpg10-inch upper receiver retrofit kit


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