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Maximum group size should be reduced


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16 hours ago, nbmv said:

This is OP.

5 men is a good fire team size.

Usually a basic fire team is composed by 4 members, A fire team leader, a basic rifleman a grenadier and an automatic rifleman, in most tactical shooter you have a fifth which is the medic.

Yes, we don’t have classes or roles in tarkov but that doesn’t mean you can’t set them somehow in your team.Also we don’t know what future patches will bring in terms of gameplay.

If you lower the number of players in a team you compromise its efficiency.

Tarkov is a team based game after all.

This isn’t a matter of being OP or not, solo and teams have pro and cons. Playing solo has the most disadvantage always.

If you play solo or in a smaller team, you must deal with the consequences of your choices, adapt your play style, that’s how you survive.

The solution to your problem in my opinion isn’t lowering the players in a team but make maps bigger and increase the total player count instead.

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On 11/24/2021 at 5:02 PM, nbmv said:

Because on most maps 5 man squad will take almost half of the player slots and would completely dominate the map. This is OP. Reducing it to 4, perhaps even 3 would be a good change.

There is a reason why many games don't allow squads with more than 25% of the players in a squad, is to have balance in battles.

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