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Someone care to explain this?


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I second Muck, but in addition to that, it looks like (pressing pause - where your front sight etc. is) that you shot over his right shoulder twice, then over his left shoulder.  Scavs, especially Reshala, are not going to die if you miss your shots at them.  Good job on the first guy, lots of body shots, but Resh jumped ya.  Better luck next time. 

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This was fun.

The first two rounds went into the staircase to the right of reshala, he then clips your helmet i think and you get all fuzzy and concussed just as your barrel is under his jaw he eats a round to the face, then another to the stomach as you square up.
Meanwhile he has snapped onto your head,eyes and shot you point blank twice.
I dunno what his head HP is, its more than 35 at any rate.

I don't think it was particularly bad play, just bad luck reshala was all up in your grille like that.


Just a reminder you can use the "<" and ">" keys on YT to move between frames

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