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UTF United Tarkovian Forces discord


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Escape From Tarkov Discord server join now !

Looking for a good escape from tarkov discord server then join us !

We are a Dutch/English community where everybody knows eachother.

After almost a year after launch we gathered a nice group of tarkovians whom support eachother trough thicc and thin.

The level of our members varies from beginner to THICC Kappa boys so there is always a place for you. Besides that, we have volunteer sherpa's whom are pleased to help with all things in Tarkov.

What we offer you:

- A close community;

- Help with all Escape from Tarkov subjects and more;

- Loads of giveaways;

Our terms and conditions:

- Minimum age 18. 
- Show respect for each other at all times.
- No Racism 
- No Sexism 
- Use common sense
- Have fun
-Main language English/Dutch 

- Change your name to (Callname) Nickname
- New members? Check if you can help. 
- Use channels for their defined purposes.
- Try to not rage when something happens while other people are still in raid, even when you just got killed by rats.
- If you join a channel, look if they are in raid first and see if it's the right time to speak.

- Killer has loot priority
- Intentional teamkilling isn't allowed. 
- Try to drop your teammates gear, if possible.
- Cheating isn’t tolerated.

Do you like what u see? Take a look on our discord channel and send a message in channel or to one of our members with the link provided below.


P.S. We are open for sugestions. So if u join us and u have any ideas let us know!


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