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Server connection lost.


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It's gotten to the point of unplayable. I get the anti cheat disconnect, then when I try to reconnect it says server connection lost. I've already lost millions in rubles and grizzlys to heal my self after an early quit. I understand this is a beta game, but it's 100% unplayable and I need a fix, or a 109 dollar refund. Before it's asked, 3080, 5800x, 32 gb ram, 1tb nvme 1 to ssd. The game is on the m.2 with the operating system. I did a clean reinstall using revo. Changed network ports, updated all drivers, I used to have fun with the game. Honestly since I updated to eod it's gotten worse, progressively. Any input that is remotely worth reading is appreciated, if you're a degenerate that's gonna say 'iTs iN bETa' please keep that bootlicker poo to yourself, im fully aware and just want a fix. Thanks.

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