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Raidable Hideouts


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The ability to customize, build, and interact with your hideout during game play is an extremely sought after aspect of looter shooters. I think that following through with this will bring more people over from other games that that have repetitive loops and huge time sinks (running simulators, recouping from offline losses, etc).  Tarkov's raid system is actually unique and awesome. it makes for timely exploration, looting, and combat, while still giving the players options to largely avoid fights if they wish too. I don't think an open world is what is needed for Tarkov, but an interactable separate instanced hideout would be unique and would fit well into Tarkov's current instanced raid system. Let me elaborate:

The basic landscape theme of your hideout is selected at the beginning of the wipe (woods, factory, urban styles, etc). It fits in a roughly 300m wide circular instance and still has its normal functions from the main menu. The hideout layout can be customizable. Add sandbags, shipping container buildings, trenches, reinforced tunnels, your usual stations, etc, all with resources and time costs. For example, a shipping container costs a couple rare items and 1 million rubles to Skier, etc.

In the map selection menu you have the option to click "Hideout Raid," where you raid other peoples hideouts, or "Hideout Collection," where you defend your own with benefits.

For the defenders:

You enter the party leaders hideout through the map selection menu under "Hideout Collection." There you can set up traps (claymores, booby-traps), discuss fields of fire with your team, and set up mounted machine guns from rare looted parts. Once ready, you can switch your Intel stations radio on and begin "collecting" through your scav network. Defending players cannot travel to far past the center location within the 300m circle unless a raid is initiated. Each player has a loot pot that slowly fills with random items as the scavs deliver them to the drop box. The longer the raid persists, the more rare items get dropped, and with less defenders there are, the more loot each person gets. The catch is the entire time your radio is on, it can be triangulated and "searched" by groups that selected "hideout raid" to which they can raid the defending players instance if they choose. Once a raid initiates the radio continues to pull loot but a counter starts as with any other raid (10 minutes or so) until all players extract. If a raid has not been initiated yet, switching the radio off extracts the defending players where ever they are, if a raid has been initiated the defenders can not extract until the full timer is over or all attacking players are not present . Defenders left in the raid after the timer expires are extracted. 

For the attackers:

For the "hideout raid" option, the search UI can somewhat mimic a clash of clans style search where you can swipe to the next available target if you do not like the previous one. Based on the attackers party leader intel station, they get better information on the defending hideout i.e. 1-3 players, landscape theme, exterior view of the hideout, etc. Every swipe or pass on a raidable hideout costs a payment of more and more rubles to the scav network doing the recon. If the attackers win in the specified time, they get the players loot pots, and can loot the players bodies. The same is said for defending players if they are victorious. Based on the initial intel, the attackers can pick which side (360 degrees roughly) they wish to spawn and the terrain will be rolling enough to offer cover and concealment (small hills, car recks, trees, buildings, etc). To extract with the pot, the attacking players need to reach the radio to turn it off. The outer edge of the instance is the spawn and is also constantly available for extract if attackers wish to bail. Based on the intel, attacking players can keep track of their kills to understand if they have possibly killed all defending players in order to close on the radio or loot bodies more freely. Attackers left in the raid after the timer expires are MIA.

This mechanic is specifically designed to have timely and purposeful interaction which is what other looter shooter lack. Rather than having your hideout get constantly raided when you are offline, you have to manually make it raidable while getting significantly rewarded if you survive the collection process. And other players do not have to waste their time searching the wilderness for unsuspecting people to bully. Players can also opt to not even use this mechanic. However, normal raids will still be required to find building materials and collect wealth to afford hideout customization. This would also be a perfect time to implement ballistic shields, claymores, and booby-traps to make the attack/defense more dynamic but not over the top gadget usage like those found in rainbow 6 siege.

One of the major negative aspects I see for this is if hackers exploit this player based raid system.

Thank you for your time.


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Interesting idea!

I really like the idea of having the hideout to be "an actual thing" in the game. Your suggestion in my opinion leans towards "open world Tarkov" (OWT) - which is something that has not been discussed for a while. I haven't heard or read anything about OWT for a awhile and it has not been mentioned in the latest podcast or news.

But your suggestion is really cool. It would be so much fun to defend your base/hideout with your team. 

Imagine if you and your team/clan had gotten allocated a spot on a map where you build your base. No one can access this "map" expect for you and your team - like when you enter hideout. Here you build your base, run around, try your loadout, guns etc - really just an expanded version of the hideout. 

Then merge your idea into this, and you have a really cool way of playing a "base raid". 

I still hope that Tarkov some time in the future will go OWT.

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The only thing I am hesitant about these ideas, is that Tarkov doesn't become like Rust, DayZ, etc.  It sounds like your idea is different enough, but the raid-able hideouts in those I would say are unhealthy (especially for those of us with full work lives that have less time haha).  It sounds like you have considered the idea and your style would be something you would opt-in to... but I still don't know how I feel about raids.  I definitely want hideouts to grow, maybe become Skyrim-esque in how you could decorate certain spots, maybe have a mannequins with displayed armor/guns and such.  Anyways, just rambling now, thanks for bringing up the idea.  I'll be curious what others have to say on this topic.  :)

Cheers! -Datvi

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