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CPU Upgrade results. Upgrading from a 3600 to a 5600x


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Hello :),

so today i got bored at work and ordered a 5600x, since i noticed a CPU bottleneck on Reserve. Sometimes the avg FPS droped below 45 FPS or lower, which is very noticeable and it did hurt my pc gamer feelings.

I am playing on 2560x1440 with following hardware:
Ryzen 5600x
32GB @ 3200 Mhz 
RX 5700XT

The results are from the offline mode. Before i started to log everything, i waited till all the AI was spawned in, since they have a big impact on the performance !

Worst case test : moving left to right behind the big train building while scoping with a SpecterDR. The avg FPS increased by 28 %, while the 0.2 % percentile increased by 45 %! GPU usage increased in this scenario from 63 % to 75 %.

Overall the perfomance inscreased by 15-20 % and the game runs noticable smoother :) Since there arent many CPU related benchmarks / results available, i thought i share my results :)


2021-12-06[21-54]_219.7, -5.1, -167.1_0.0, -0.6, 0.0, 0.8_17.36 (0).png


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