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Postman Pat Part 1 bugged again?


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It seems that the Postman Pat Part 1 turn in bug is back.  I´ve done the quest during day factory, extracted with a successful raid and turned in the letter to therapist and completed her quest. However the task to Prapor is still active with no way to turn it in..  

Anyone else experiencing this again?  And any solutions?  I know its a previous bug but never experienced it before. 

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Same thing here and I don't even have the part 2 available.

If I check tasks while in hideout, only the "Obtain the letter.." part is shown. During a ride the tasks tab shows all the others parts as well, as completed.

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That could be helpfull to fix it:

I check that if i enter in-raid, the task hud show a correct steps to success the task(the steps that other wipes shows),  but if you are not in-raid, you would see the same that the pic that @hhunkk send.

On 12/18/2021 at 7:24 PM, duckyducky2 said:

its fixed i come out of a shorline raid and there it is i can turn it in :)


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