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Hi BSG, can you please add 1 little button that allow us to MUTE the sound while in loading screen ?

The rain sound you guys made is by far ultra realistic for sure, but it's also by far one of the most annoying aspect of the game, getting on a loading screen hearing rain blasting left and right for 10 min while we are looking for a game.. 

Please, allow us to mute that sound.

Also, maybe allow us to interect with our stash or hideout while we are looking for a raid ? Starring at a loading screen is no fun. for 1 min it's ok, but when the loading time is awful and last 10 min or more, we have to tab out to do something else... would be great to tweak around stuff in the stash while we wait. 


thanks you !

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I hope they do this eventually, but with as many backend errors I get just browsing my stash, imagine getting kicked out of queue because you tried to move something from 1 slot to another...

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