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Flea Market Rep System & Other Flea Market Open Criticism (Friendly and constructive only)


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Hi there,

To those reading this post I just want to let you know that in no way am I hating Battle-state Games or Escape From Tarkov as a game. This is simply constructive criticism to help improve the game for either casual or competitive players such as you and me. 

Either way lets get into it, the flea market system will always have its flaws and nobody will ever think of it to be perfect. However, this recent patch really put us all in an interesting spot as to selling and listing certain items on the flea market. As for the amount of items you are allowed to list at a time is in my opinion, extremely over-kill. I find that having to sell around 250,000,000 rubles in items on the flea (not including the fees for selling those items) is absolutely preposterous. Let alone most players that play this game casually will not even reach the rep of 10.00 on the flea market. Considering the fact that yes, there are more experienced players out there who have been playing far longer than all the new comers as of this recent wipe and previous wipes, however that is not a good enough reason to make it so extremely hard to get that extra slot that saves the average player from 10-30 minutes just selling things while in their stash. I find it to be a little harsh and I find it far more difficult even as a player who knows how to level up on the flea market and knows where is all of the money. It is still a very rough road, and as far as I understand it, I see that Battle State Games wants to make this game easier for the new players to get ahold of and so they do not have as tough as a time as it was previously. 


Now for the Flea Market listing/bans. 

I understand that you do not want everyone to have certain items in the game such as buying slicks and mutants and ruining the start of peoples wipes who are new to the game. However banning certain things such as pilgrim backpacks, TV-110 armored rigs, and as well as the new class 4 rigs that are not even that good but just have slots for the loot that they need for that flea market selling. I can seriously understand upwards of 80% of the item bans on the flea market. However average class 4 rigs that are not really that amazing and the only good thing about them specifically is the slots you can have is banned, then I start to speculate and find myself seeing some small issues here. I understand if there would be a peace phase at the start of the wipe on the flea market so that people cannot immediately buy end game items. However I do not find that this is the case for the player-base here, I truly love this game and it is absolutely amazing but there has to be a line that can be drawn when it comes to live testing with a player-base and banning items as we play and certain items we relied on are being taken away without notice.

I myself, am not a victim of this however to those who suffered at the hand of that please do not worry and do not take our your frustration on the Escape from Tarkov team. They really are trying their best and also they still are in the BETA phase of the game. I hope that to whoever reads this finds my personal opinion and constructive criticism helpful or informative and I hope there will be some changes made to the flea market. If not no big deal because I love this game!


Lots of love everyone,


Martin [reportmexd]

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Yeah this is crazy been playing tarkov for a long time and 30 rep for your 3rd slot is about the dumbest update battlestate has ever done.. hopefully they will fix it. 

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