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Customs - Customs (Big Red) Revamp


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tldr: Add more loot to trailer park and some good locked rooms to storage, add rogues or Reshala to big red and possibly add some buildings north of Big Red  leading towards dorms to stop 80% of the raid going to the expansion every raid. 


As a somewhat newer Tarkov player with about 200 hours, I have fallen in love with customs, it is the map I basically exclusively play and by now and know the majority of the loot spawns and general traffic in parts of the map. 

While it wasn't to bad before the Customs side spawn changes and the Fortress / Med house customs expansion, Big Red has just felt completely dead, in my last 100 raids or so, I have gotten into about three gunfights on the customs side of the map, there just isn't any reason to loot the area unless you spawn there, and even then I would consider spawns by Big Red as the worst in the map. 

While looking at map genie, there is of course a scattering of loose loot spawns around however most of them are out of the way, low tier and very rarely spawn anything of note, the only things of note are Storage: Dorms 214 (Safe Key), Tetris spawn, med bag - Big Red: Safe, Intel and a few USB stick spawns, for a good fifth of the map that really isn't enough incentive to loot the area.

In my experience, about 80% of the fights I get into are around Skeleton and the expansion area (med house, stronghold), Dorms, New Gas and the Boiler area have the other 20%. I think the map would be much better with a more even split in player traffic. I think the best way would be to either make a mini expansion between Railroad to Port and Smugglers Boat to funnel traffic towards Dorms and New Gas and/or adding incentives such as a few more valuable spawns, more loot in Trailer Park, locked doors in Storage and possibly a Reshala or raider/rogue spawn in the Big Red area. 

Either a few or combination of these would help even out player traffic, instead of most custom raids consisting of people running into Fortress and med house, and then running to extract while looting along the way. 


A few negatives:

To many locked rooms on customs already -

Most keys on customs are not worth bringing into raid except 8 or so anyway, you could change it to a power switch you need to activate to open some doors as another alternative.

To much loot in customs - 

With the expansion adding so much loot customs may feel like it doesn't need anymore. A more extreme case is to reduce the total loot towards the ZB-011 extract / Boiler area as its very concentrated or just add a few rare spawns similar instead of a lot more general loot, even just a labs acess keycard spawn in the area behind a locked door could increase traffic. 

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i almost 100% agree. spawing on big red side means maybe a fight with the guys spawing crossroad or moving across the river to fight around crackhouse and fortress. if u spawn on the other side of the map there is no real reason to look for loot anywhere near big red cause you have 99% of the time an already full bagpack with decent loot and you just extract on smuglers or roadblock or just run past the small possible loot in the area to get to trailer park or crossroad.

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Yes, especially with RUAF always being up due to a bug with the extract you dont even need to cross over to big red side till that is changed, there is also the fortress extract to top it off. 

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