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Stray Dogs Quest


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Can someone hold me as i cry as for the life of me i can not find any of the new bosses, its now the 3rd day of only hunting them for quest. back to back raids, every map every day spreading the raids over the maps. its my last quest before pushing xp for kappa. I am on OCE servers as well. 

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I don't know how to help too much (and this might not be true) but do they have a higher spawn rate on the newer map lighthouse?  Maybe just try PMC'ing there.  I am not even as close as you, but the only time I have seen one of them so far this wipe was when I was scavving lighthouse (Big Pipe killed me).

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Escape from Tarkov Support Ayer a las 11:23

Hello rokken!

As for the Rogue bosses, their appearance on locations is random, moreover, at one time they can appear only in one location.

If you think that the chances of their spawn should be changed - please leave your suggestion in the special forum section: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/107-questions-and-suggestions (to access it, you have to authorize to the forum)


Thank you for contacting us!
If we answered your questions, please close this request and rate quality of our support service.
Respectfully yours, the Escape from Tarkov support service.

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