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Jumping while sprinting resets the speed indicator back to default walk speed


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If you jump while sprinting the speed indicator (little arrow) resets back to a position as if you were not sprinting, but you actually are sprinting if you never released the [W] key.


  1. press [W] to move forward
  2. press [Shift] to sprint (you will notice the little arrow from the speed indicator moves to the far right)
  3. press [Space] to jump while you sprint, but never release [W]
  4. if you did this correct, you should keep sprinting after you landed from the jump (assuming you still have [W] pressed)
  5. if you look at the speed indicator, the little arrow is on a position as if you were not sprinting

Another silly bug in game... please fix!

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Interesting - will have to test this myself later. 

Have you submitted a bug report for this (via the launcher)?  I'm sure the BSG/EFT team would like it if you did.



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