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Quest and Game Mechanic Suggestion


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I wanted to suggest some mechanics to EFT.

First off the game has fuel sources in the game currently used to power the hideout, and a few crafts. It could be used to fuel a generator in world, maybe Mechanic needs someone to refuel his a certain amount, or Fence wants you to refuel a car somewhere on maps with a car extract. Not only using fuel for quests but could do something similar to that of the Safe Room Exfil on Interchange. Use fuel to start up some generator on the map, power it on, and it allows for opening a certain door. 

Another item that could use some in world love could be the flash drives, it is a little to convenient that some quests have you go out and collect flash drives with information on them already. Maybe have it where you can use a flash drive to copy information from a PC or Laptop for a quest or to transform the flash drive into a more valuable barter item for future barters. 

You could also chain these mechanics together, a PC block, fuel, switch, transfer, exfil. 

I mostly suggest this as I do like when games give items more of a purpose rather than having them be more so another form of currency ingame. 


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