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Looking to bring in few people into our group


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I am looking to bring in a few more people into our small discord group to recoupe some inactive players to prepair going into this next wipe. We are looking for more like-minded people that like the tactical realism of Tarkov and want to play as such. Playing in more of a combat style gameplay organized group moving throughout the map with other players to bring out the best in each player and better the team work together.  

The discord is kept clean with a bi-wipe & wipely purges of the inactive people that don't contribute to the discord or teamwork in raid. we are geared more towards quality over quantity. We have channels for camaraderie to push everyone to become better at the game as well as task help and tarkov news. We are looking to grow our server a little to help aid players that play at all different time zones.  

We have sherpas to help new players learn how to play the game and other skilled active players team up with and task farm, farm RUB, PvP, Etc. 

Comment below for an invite!

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I’m down! I’ve played before but new to this wipe. Definitely interested in tasking, some scav runs, and just having a good time! Can play between 6pm-12pm CST 
Philly#1907 on discord. 

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