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New Player Retention


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you guys need do something for new players, its beyond hard as a new player, its absolutely punishing, like to the point of you only get to play 1 round every 30 minutes, nobody wants to spend money on a game that the only get to play maybe 5  minutes out of an hour because they're waiting for the scav run to TRY to bring back loot, just to get smoked by a fellow scav (no i dont shoot first)  its rough enough that you cant access the flee market until level 15, but then to just keep getting dunked on.... like seriously, im almost at the point of just asking for my money back.

"oh your new? heres some starting gear you'll lose in a day go be a scav to get more loots" ( gets shot by scav trying to get loots as a scav...???)

i dont know your guys' vision for the game, but i can tell you with zero doubt that if you dont make it enjoyable for new players you'll eventually be left with no players

maybe some free junk poo so a player can go into a raid with some basics( like a pistol and junk armor would be fine imho) so that you can atleast fight a scav or 2 to get some exp

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2 hours ago, Darrion_Kale said:

like seriously, im almost at the point of just asking for my money back.

You should do so. For someone who has 800 hours, I can't even play. Servers are kicking me out. I can't even scav, and I'm doing whatever is possible but omg, cooldown after scav went mia.

But do it through your bank, both xsolla and paypal will tell you to fock yourself.

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