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QoL: Standing orders


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When you reach a certain rep with traders, you can place standing orders. These are orders to maintain items in your inventory and choose where they go.


For instance, standing order to purchase flashbang rounds for the KS-23 or other ammo. The exception is if there is low quantities available or there are so many standing orders that all can't be filled and give others a chance to buy ( max standing order is 50% of quantity available at reset ).

As more people place standing orders, the amount of ammo each person receives may go down to meet that 50% maximum.

This incentivizes doing quests and getting the rep up. Alternatively, require FENCE level 6 to place standing orders. 


You can only have standing orders fulfilled if you have given the trader money to hold on to. You can also put limitations on your order - buy maximum until 2000 rounds in inventory. Buy 10 each reset, etc.. until x amount owned. Also designate WHERE ammo is placed - ie choose an ammo box to put the purchased ammo into.


An additional quality of life could be to purchase x magazines per reset, and fill them up with x ammo.

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dont make it high rep/lvl only cause you will duck over the casual playerbase which is never a good decission if u want an long living healty game.

also dont make it so its auto buys when offline or even when in raid. it will just simply buy out trader stocks depending on the item in question and fucks over players that dont use or dont have that option unlocked yet.

simply give us preset button which we can press and chose "buy loadout x" this loadout can be an simply consumable combiantion (like buy 2afaik, surgery kit, hermostad and 60pp bullets) or an full on loadout.


a game that has such a system (for reference) is "stalcraft". pretty much an game that is stalker+minecraft+light eft. you lose all consumables,unboxed amo and your loot on death. you then can simply go to your rebuy screen and select what consumable items and amo the game should insta buy and put in your inventory without the need to move to the traders.

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