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Hi all. 

In russian subforum I have already made this thread. So, as you can guess, here I'll collect some of devs answers for a questions that were frequently asked, translated from russian. If you have some other information, please send me a PM with all the links. Aaand sorry for possible typos and mistakes, mai inglish iz not so gud.

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Content questions

Q: Will be Ghillie suit or similar in game?
A: No.

Q: Vehicles in game?
A: There is 10% chance that vehicles will be implemented after the release

Q: How does the global map look? May I move free on this map?
A: There is no such thing as global map. You can go to the raids from main menu. Also there will be a free-roam location without time limit.

Q: Any shooting range? Or training ground?
A: Yes, there will be a shooting range, but no training grounds.

Q: What is “Unique Secured Container”?
A: Is a special container, in which you can place something valuable. If you die in raid, you lose all the stuff except those which in container.

Q: Different stories for USEC and BEAR?
A: They will be slightly different in some points, but most of  the story will be the same

Q: Only one type of ammo?
A: No, many types. You will have a wide choice

Q: There will be a random map each time I go into raid?
A: No. Map is static and pre-generated. Only thing that is random is loot.

Q: Will my character have a house or something?
A: Something like that is planned to be added after the release

Q: How much will DLC cost? And how often will they come out?
A: 1-2 DLC per year. Cost will be not higher that 30$

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Gameplay questions

Q: How quickly will time flow?
A: 1-to-1 with reality

Q: May I complete they game alone? Offline, for example?
A: You can, but it will be much harder. And no, the game is online-only.

Q: Destructible buildings?
A: Partial. You may broke the wooden door, but you can’t blow up the whole building.

Q: Classes? Like Recon, Medic, Technician?
A: No. Player can “build” his own character by raising skills he want.

Q: May I switch main hand?
A: Now – no. But this feature may be added after the release

Q: May my character: run, jump, duck, use ladder, swim, use parachute, drive a car?
A: No swimming, parachuting and driving. Other is allowed.

Q: Dragging bodies?
A: Not now, but this feature may be added.

Q: There will be three different currencies. For what purpose?
A: NPC-traders will work in different currencies. You can exchange one currency to another by trader, but with a small commission.

Q: May I take off from corpse a backpack that better than mine?
A: Yes.

Q: Injures system? May I be killed by getting shot in my toe?
A: There will be a realistic system of injures and healing. You may need different medicaments for different injures. Also you need to watch over negative effects of medicaments and treat them in time

Q: How will Scavs behave?
A: They might make a really mess. If you heard a shooting and screams, remember – Scavs are already here. NPC-Scavs treat any non-Scav player as enemy. Also they can attack any Scav for some reason. They may kill their comrade for taking all the loot alone.

Q: How do I know, who are there in raid with me?
A: In raid – no way. Only your party members will be shown on the map. You may know who was in rais only after it and only if you survived.

Q: May I be alone in raid?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I get disconnected in raid?
A: Your character will stand and do nothing. You may be killed. But if you managed to reconnect, you may continue to play.

Q: Re-plays? Killcams? Observer mode?
A: Re-plays may be added after the release. No Killcams or ObsMode.

Q: May I give this cool shotgun to my friend?
A: Yes, by several ways. You may go in raid and simply drop it on the ground near your friend, you may transfer it via clan stash. Maybe there will be some other ways.

Q: May my clan build a base in Tarkov? With stash, barracks and other stuff?
A: No. You need to Escape, not Survive.

Q: Ricochets? Armor penetrations? Other bullet mechanics?
A: Yes! All of the bullet physics are in-game.

Q: May I make a character that looks like me?
A: Not in tests. Maybe, a wide customization may be added after the release.

Q: Time limit in raid?
A: Yes, it depends on raid. If time runs out – you lost. Free-roam location has no time limit.

Q: What the difference between USEC and BEAR?
A: Starting skills and standings with traders.

Q: Can players trade between themselves?
A: Yes. For example, via auction.

Q: May I modify my weapon in raid?
A: Simple modifications only. Adding a silencer – yes, changing internal parts – no.

Q: May I kill everyone in raid? Or in opposite, don’t kill a single man?
A: No one can restrict you to do such things. But both of them have their own difficulties.

Q: I like to kill my enemies using knives. What have you got for me?
A: 3 different ways of knife-striking. 1 – you hold a knife in your hand. 2 – swift attack by pressing “V” button. 3 – “sneak kill”.

Q: How can I talk to players in raid?
A: There is VoIP, there is radio. Choose what you want.

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Other questions

Q: I’ve pre-ordered the game. When may I play?
A: Depend on what pack did you buy. Standard Edition requires you to wait the beta come out. Left Behind and Prepare for Escape editions give you a chance to play in alpha. Edge of Darkness edition gives you a sure participation in alpha. All you need is just patience, all the test will be in 1st quarter 2016.

Q: Microtransactions – or donat?
A: No. Definitely no.

Q: Will game come out in Steam?
A: Maybe yes, but not earlier than release.

Q: English interface?
A: Yes.

Q: How will you fight with cheaters?
A: 2 anti-cheats working at the same time, plus cheater will be “banned on sight”

Q: Stereo-3D and VR?
A: Not in alpha, but maybe yes - lately.

Q: What is “Region Lock”?
A: It mean that you can launch the game only in the same region where you bought it. Europe version may be launched from anywhere.

Q: Consoles?
A: Maybe yes, but PC version is priority.

Q: May I play for different PMC in one account?
A: Yes! You may have up to 3 characters per account. Also, you may buy a game several time and have even more characters. It is not forbidden.

Q: Will the game work on x32 system?
A: Yes, but there are no guarantees for proper work.

Q: If I dislike the game, may I have my money back?
A: No. You can get your money back only if BSG Limited decide that game did not came out.

Q: May I swear in game?
A: Yes, you may. But please do not abuse this, be polite.

Q: I want to play, but I have not got any money, AND/OR I hate pre-orders. What can I do?
A: You need to wait for an OBT. Date of OBT is still unknown, but fact of it is confirmed.

Q: I want moar data about the game! May I see another video, please?
A: Devs are working on alpha, do not distract them.

Q: Any app for mobile platforms?
A: Not planned.

Q: When the game come out?
A: No data available. Be patient.

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