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Clarification of Game Modes / Open World

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1 minute ago, AHSGMA said:

*nods*. That's what I got out of it as well. So then its not a true MMO then. Thanks for the clarification. :)

No, however obviously it has the MMO features where it affects certain stats.

I'm sure you already know about this :) 

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I hope this helps a bit

Hello sir Raids = story mode, where you have to complete each raid to open the next one. Raids have an entrance and the Exit point. The average time for the raid is 1,5 hours. You can revisi

You can go and play the free roam mode, or replay any of the completed raids.

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On 7/29/2016 at 9:05 PM, Drakkaar said:

The game works as follows (As far as I understand it)

Raids - There are 10 Raids, all 10 must be completed before "Free Roam" is unlocked. Each raid is played on a section of the 16km² map (Like Factory, the Stream video we saw showed it to be about 0.9km²)  -  these raids are instance based, when PMC's join the raid it then gets locked and no new PMC's can join, this means if you die in the raid you cannot come back for it, you will need teammate(s) to retrieve what you want. - Max player count can vary depending on the mission (Estimated to be anywhere from 8-12 PMC's, plus a couple Scav players) - TIME SENSITIVE MISSIONS

Free-Roam - As said above, is unlocked after the 10 raids are complete - Played on entire 16km² map - 64 players max - No Time Limit

Arena - Gladiator style combat in a small arena, it will be 1v1 and possibly more but no specifications on that.

Best breakdown I've seen yet. Pin it!

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The whole trade system is very MMO-esque as well. Supply and demand affects price of items from traders, there is a gamewide auction house, etc. Also clans are pretty MMO

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On 6/15/2016 at 3:58 AM, TarkovEscaper said:
  On 6/15/2016 at 0:24 AM, Snipeov said:

Just been checking out this game very carefully. From all the videos I have watched and now the recent Alpha footage, I like what I see so far. But I do have some concerns.

First up, I noticed the Pre-Alpha trailer footage does not look like the latest alpha footage. I am guessing that is just there to promote the game and the real game is being toned down. I noticed the graphics and special effects have been downgraded. Also I did not notice any breathing sound effects, they seemed to be missing......


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Hope this game will have a S&D, Push game mode or even Ambush game mode like in Insurgency, since the game have massive maps and based as a Hardcore game having one.

This will make even more fun.

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