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Gameplay questions [FAQ]

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World of Escape from Tarkov (general questions):

Q: Do you plan to add transport?
A: At this moment - no.

Q: Is there going to be any checkpoints?
A: No, there will be no checkpoints - it is online game.

Q: How large will locations be?
A: The Free Roam location will be 16 sq. km.

Q: How will the maps be limited and what obstacles will keep the character from escaping the city?
A: Roadblocks, minefields, snipers, slashings etc.

Q: After completing the story location, will it still have timer?
A: Yes, there will still be timer.

Q: Is there going to be level destruction? 
A: The levels and level elements will be destructible to a certain extent, but we don’t promise total destruction.

Q: Will there be a map? Are we going to able put markers on the map?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a chance to meet pack of wild dogs in the Free-roam location?
A: Possibly.

Q: Will there be a PvE in the game?
A: Yes, basically, most of the Scavs encounters are PvE.

Q: Will Scavs be playable?
A: Yes

Q: Can I gather loot when playing as Scav?
A: Yes

Q: In that case, isn’t there a risk that everyone will play as Scav instead?
A: No, since playing as Scav is, ultimately, harder, as you won’t be able to choose starting equipment, and the number of playable Scavs on the raid location is limited.

Q: How will the reputation system work? How do you plan to avoid the game turning into yet another “douchebag simulator”?
A: We have prepared an extended separate material on this, please stay tuned for updates.

Q: Are there going to be narrative videos, as in some other projects? 
A: Yes, there are going to be pre-scenario engine-based cinematics.

Q: In a huge city like Tarkov there are bound to be some banks, are we going to be able to rob them? 
A: Yes, there will be one of the TARBANK branches.

Q: Is there going to be a subway as separate location? 
A: We can’t tell about subways yet.

Q: How does the loot items look like in the game? How, where and at which conditions it will spawn? 
A: There will be loot of various rareness and it will spawn at locations at different places, in containers. Specific loot will spawn at specific locations (facility, center of the city). Rare loot items will spawn at places, where no one looked, (hard to access places, closed rooms and so on). For each raid, lootable items are being generated over again.

Q: How random will the story-essential loot be? Will there any particular place where we can easily spot it?
A: The loot of this kind will always switch the spawn locations and discovery conditions (e.g. door access codes).

Q: Will there be rare or even unique items in game - weapons, equipment, etc - with a low chance of finding?
A: Yes.

Q: We would like to know more about the Arena game mode. You said it will be like gladiator fights. Just how similar it will be to the gladiator fights?
A: There will be various arena modes, but the main arena fight will allow you to pick any equipment, with previously taking a look at your enemy (if there is a possibility). For the most part, it will be 1 vs 1 fights to death on a closed arena.

Q: Does this mean the Free Roam will be expanded? Will there be more raids? DLCs?
A: Yes, that’s right.

Q: Will the player limits be different in the story mode and freeroam mode?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the current player limit at this moment?
A: Right now it’s 12 PMC operators in the scenario mode. The number of playable Scavs is yet to be determined by tests.

Q: Will there be a spawn system like “get in where you got out”?
A: No, both raid and free roam can only be exited in the specified spots.

Q: Considering FPS and TPS, what will the main mode be? 
A: FPS. TPS will be a rare thing, only turned on separate servers with no progress save.

Q: How will the friend-or-foe system be implemented? Will the allies have any marker if you play with friends?
A: Maybe we’ll show them on the map.

Q: Is there a possibility to encounter neutral civilians who failed to evacuate?
A: Maybe, but not just yet.

Q: What kind of small living things are planned?
A: Birds.

Q: What will happen if the player is disconnected from the server? Does he die or return to base with all loot and experience?
A: He stays on the server. If he does not reconnect, he can be killed or simply won’t have the time to find an exit.

Q: Can I acquire everything that is mentioned in the pre-order packs in the game, by myself?
A: Partially.

Q: Can I lose all equipment from the pre-order pack in the game?
A: Yes, certainly.

Q: Will the player limits be different in the story mode and freeroam mode?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we join the ongoing scenario, or do we always start at the beginning?
A: Only Scavs can join in midgame.

Q: We know about three playable factions. Will there be more in the future?
A: No.

Q: Will there be a limit for Scav spawn on the location? E.g. kill 10 Scavs and you’re relatively safe.
A: The limits will be determined by location.

Q: Will there be a demo or an open beta?
A: No demo, but there will be an open beta.

Q: Free access to DLCs in the Edge of Darkness Edition means free DLCs for life, or expirable season pass?
A: Free DLCs forever.

Q: If I lose everything I had late in the game, what do I do?
A: It’s virtually impossible to use everything, if you resort to secure containers and insurance services.

Q: Will there be any bonuses for the most active testers?
A: Quite probably.

Q: Will the food supplies spoil?
A: Not yet.

Q: Can we get to the Norvinsk?
A: No.

Q: Will there be any natural disasters that will influence the story progress (phenomenal heat waves, for instance)?
A: No disasters were planned, but the game will have the weather changes.



Weapons and ballistics:

Q: How large is the arsenal going to be?
A: Large enough. USSR/Russian-made weapons will predominate for the obvious reasons, but there will be plenty of guns from the rest of the world as well. Weapons will also be regularly added after the game release.

Q. What types of weapons will be the most common?
A: Depends on the location. The rule of thumb here, however, is that weapons do not appear scattered around the map for no good reason. The easiest way is to buy or barter it with traders.

Q: How are things going with ingame bullet ballistics?
A: The game has completely realistic ballistic model, as well as the damage model.

Q: How does penetration of equipment and human body work?
A: It is based on a physical model. Penetration may vary by the type of the bullet. The bullet can pass clear through, split or deflect after penetration of obstacle. The same goes for human body.

Q: Will the game feature explosives, beside grenades and under-barrel grenade launchers?
A: We are also going to include mines and rocket propelled grenade launchers with antipersonnel charges and mines

Q: Do you plan to include stationary heavy weapons? 
A: We’re considering it.

Q: Does weapon modding and maintenance require tools? Will the weapons have an operating resource?
A: Yes, you will need a repair kit for maintenance and a multitool for some of the modding. The weapons will have a durability resource, it will deteriorate both physically and visually.

Q: You were saying that weapons will jam if deteriorated, will this happen to the gun mods? 
A: Yes, this is also planned.

Q: Can the weapon be destroyed if hit by a bullet?
A: Haven’t thought about it yet.

Q: Are we going to be able to paint our weapons or put some stickers?
A: There will be patterns and paint to paint your weapons with camouflages.

Q: Will there be a way to interrupt the reloading of another player if we shoot him in the hand?
A: We haven’t thought of that… yet.

Q: Can I see dirt on the weapons? Or deformed slugs that failed to penetrate the vest?
A: The weapons will visually deteriorate, so the dirt and scratches will be visible. No deformed slugs in the vest, though.

Q: Will weapon deteriorate over time and how will it affect weapon?
A: It will affect its stats negatively, it will jam and misfire more often, and fall to all other sorts of trouble.

Q: Will different weapons have different durability?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you plan to include weapons like bow and crossbow?
A: We don’t plan to include bow and crossbow.

Q: Will all the modifications be installed on a separate screen? Or there is going to be capability of changing some of the elements on the go?
A: Some easy-to -use mods can be applied on the go, however, an in-depth modification will only available outside the raid.

Q: Are you planning to add some sort of firing range?
A: Possibly.

Q: How about strafing? Will the sidestep shooting be restricted somehow?
A: No artificial restrictions; however, accuracy will plunge due to high weapon oscillation.

Q: Beside knife and the tomahawk, will there be any other melee weapons in the game, and, maybe, even a trenching spade? 
A: There will be several types of knives, and maybe a trench spade as well.

Q: Will the game feature any old, WWII weapons?
A: Some. For now, we plan SKS, SVT and TT.

Q: Will there be paired mags (with clip-on or duct tape)?
A: Most probably.

Q: Are flashlights and laser designators turned on by separate keys?
A: Correct.

Q: What about tripwires, can we make them?
A: We are considering it.

Q: Can a hit in the grenade in player’s tactical vest cause explosion?
A: No.

Q: Can we shoot the weapon out of enemies’ hands?
A: We haven’t planned that.

Q: Can we damage the weapon by shooting it when the character holds it or it just lies on the ground?
A: No.



Character and equipment:

Q: Are there going to be female characters? 
A: No female characters are planned.

Q: Will we be able to see the character’s body?
A: Yes.

Q: How will the voice commands like “Hello” / “Need help” be implemented? Is there such thing in the game at all?
A: We plan to do a separate command menu.

Q: Will the game have gestures?
A: Probably.

Q: Will there be any kind of interaction between players and Scavs?
A: Playable Scavs have the same interaction abilities as the PMCs, and you can reason with them. However, NPC Scavs are always hostile.

Q: Will there be some sort of a death penalty? For instance, necessity to heal critical wounds or skill reset?
A: Yes, you will have to do healing, but the skills won’t be reset.

Q: Will there be a pain shock in the game?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I heal other players?
A: You can give them a medkit.

Q: Is there going to be an animation of the healing?
A: Possibly.

Q: Will our progress and loot be saved if we will survive?
A: Everything that you’ve gained during the raid, will be yours, if you will leave the raid location alive.

Q: How does the player damage system works?
A: There will be no regeneration. There will be bleedings, fractures, pain shocks and so on - you will have to treat it all with special medical items, apply them to the damaged parts, watch for side effects and so on.

Q: How many weapons can I take with me into the raid? 
A: One on the belt, one on the back, pistol in a holster, knife in a scabbard. You can also take a small-sized weapon in your backpack.

Q: Will game have standing / crouch / lying positions?
A: Yes.

Q: How the third-person view will be used in the game?
A: We are probably going to make separate servers with third-person as an option.

Q: What will the stash look like?
A: Stash is a set of slots that can be used as an out-of-combat warehouse, i.e. in the menu/lobby.

Q: Will we be able to make our own hidden drops?
A: Yes, but within raid session only.

Q: What size are the secure containers?
A: Different. From 1x2 to 3x3 slots, maybe even 3x4.

Q: Will there be any kind of free-running in the game? Maybe mounting obstacles higher than character or cutting chain-link fences?
A: Nothing of that sort was planned so far.

Q: How do you eat in this game? Are there going to be safe zones, where you can eat? 
A: There will be no safe zones at the game locations, you will be safe only outside of the raid.So you will have to eat carefully.

Q: Will the playable character model move its head to look around?
A: We do plan to make the head movement control.

Q: Are we going to fire from the cover? Can we blindly fire from cover?
A: Yes, this is planned.

Q: Are we going to “stick” to covers?
A: Most definitely, there will be no sticking to cover.

Q: Will we be able to move bodies?
A: That was not planned.

Q: Is there an ability to customize gear for your own needs? Will it affect gameplay?
A: Yes. It will affect accessibility of mags to reload your weapon (only mags that stored in the vest and pockets are counted). Also we plan to make a vest editor for MOLLE system based vests.

Q: Will there be radios, comms interception, binoculars?
A: Yes.

Q: What kind of data will be there in the player card beside the username?
A: Effective results, level, experience-based classification and various other stats.

Q: On character death - can the player return into the same raid location where he died? Can he recover the equipment from the cor[se, provided, of course, that it wasn’t looted by anyone else?
A: No, return to the same raid instance is impossible.

Q: If the group loses a fighter in the raid, can he rejoin it, or they will have to carry on with irrecoverable casualties? In the latter case, can they pick up his equipment (provided that situation allows it) to return it?
A: KIA operator can’t return to the group until next raid. His weapons and equipment can be picked up as usual.

Q: Please tell me if I was right in my guess that there is one stash for all game modes and it is accessed from the game menu? 
A: Correct.

Q: What is the Free-roam going to be? On death, the lobby is loaded, and I will have to choose equipment from stash again, is that right? 
A: Yes, that is related to scenario progress.

Q: Let’s suppose I got lucky in the raid and got out alive with a rare weapon. Can I place it in the stash to later use it in the Free-roam?
A: Yes, that’s right.

Q: Will I lose loot if I die in the Arena mode?
A: Yes.

Q: Can the doors be kicked down or unlocked by shooting the lock down?
A: Just as the first action video shows, the doors can be kicked down, and shooting locks is planned as well.

Q: Can we make the copies of the keys?
A: That’s an interesting idea, maybe.

Q: Will the character be able to swim, climb trees or ropes?
A: We haven’t planned anything like this, except maybe for swimming some time in the future.

Q: Can we somehow customize the character appearance, along with equipment? Camo, maybe?
A: Maybe.

Q: Will the clothes wear out?
A: No.




Q: Can the internal clan/squad member comms (e.g. over radio) be overheard by other players at some particular distance? 
A: Yes, we are planning to have the extended radio management - frequency search, loop bearing, scrambling, etc.

Q: It would be great to learn more about the clan system, will there be any sort of base-building?
A: No base building is planned at this time, but there is going to be a detailed clan management system.

Q: Regarding the exchange of items within clan or group - will there be a common clan stash outside of the raid mode? Can the group exchange items within the raid? 
A: Yes, there will be a common clan stash. Group member can exchange items by removing them from inventory and picking them up.

Q: How many people can the clan or group have?
A: There won’t be tight restrictions on clan size, but the raid group can have up to 5 fighters in it.

Q: Will the clans or groups be tied to factions?
A: Most probably there will be several types of clans, faction-wise.

Q: Are the alliances between groups and clans possible?
A: This is still under discussion.



Economy and trading:

Q: Players will manage their own prices for the items, don’t you think that this will make some items incredibly cheap?
A: This is economy and this is how it works in real life. If the item is cheap, then it is widespread enough to be cheap.

Q: Can traders be in conflict with each other? Will they accept only specific goods or everything at all?
A: Yes, if you buy from one trader, some other trader might not like it, and they all may have personal and business level conflicts with each other. Every trader is unique - he buys and sells a particular range of goods and provides specific services.

Q: What kind of missions will traders give?
A: Various tasks related to acquiring data. searching for items, contract kills, location discoveries, etc.

Q: Beside auctions and trading, will there be any kind of free-of charge donation of items?
A: No, but they can be exchanged/given by dropping.

Q: Will the developers manage the trading prices in any way?
A: The market will have its way all the same, so we do not intend to tamper with prices.


Q: How is the account security implemented?
A: We are considering the phone number-based authentication and launch control (if you launch the game from a new device or from new IP, you will have to enter a code).

Q: Will the game be optimized for SLI/Crossfire?
A: Tests will show.

Q: Where can I preorder the game?
A: At our official website: http://escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page

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