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Developer's answers from RU forum


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Hi everyone. 

A lot of information you can find in FAQ section. Also please check Developer answers made by @TheSnikers

All infomation that you can see below have been published in the Official VK group (RU socian network) and EFT forum and was collected by members of clan "[TGD] The Grim Dawn".

Interview with developers (RU game journal "GOHA.ru")

 1. Are there any plans for a change in pricing policy - regional price tag or the output of cheaper versions of the game after the start-up, or any other change in it?

Price changing is not planned for now. One thing we can say for sure that the game does not become more expensive.

2. The picture shown in the video is very cool, are you sure that system requirements that you stated will be enoght for Unity engine?

PC configuration is aproximate, but significant changes are planned. We are now actively working on memory consumption, so that the minimum amount of required RAM requirement may be reduced to 4 GB.

3. Claimed your card area in the "free room" mode is 16 km. For comparison, the area of "Chernarus" in DayZ is a little bit bigger, but when the server online was just 64 people,  it very crowded.
- Would such a small space make problems in the game?
- What is the limit of the players will be in the free room?
- How will be servers organized?
- Will there be some kind of social component (will it make sense to be good) or it will be all the same daisy - "shoot, kill, loot"?

Absolutely disagree that Dayz very crowded with 64 people online. It's crowded on respawn points - rest of the world is empty. The raids have the number of players is limited in EFT (Escape from Tarkov), depending on the location up to 12 people. In the "free room" mode we are focusing on the technical 64 people, but in fact may be less. 16 square kilometers is a lot, especially if every place, every house full of detail.

According to our calculations to loot the hostel (which two blocks of two-storey and 30 rooms each), you will need more than one and a half hours. And it's a very small grain of the whole scene. Crowded just will not be.

Servers will be our (marked and protected) + later we consider the possibility of leasing the network application in certain configurations for third-party providers.

The point to be a "good guy" will be dictated by story. Also there will be bonuses to those who pass all location "clean" and penalties to those who kills teamates. The game will have "karma system" wich will depend on your actions.

4. How will you deal with cheaters?

Anti-cheat system

5. How will the game world be look like at the time of the release?  Will it be a completely open world or downloads of each location, or may be some sort of hangar?

By the time of the release there won't be fully open mode (free roam), because Raids scenarios will be made even after the release until the entire map will be formed and it will be open. In other words by the time release there will lobby with all the infrastructure and a set of raids (small open locations), which will need to be "clean" sequentially.

6. What player can do in the game after going through story missions? just go to the raids and search for loot? What is the motivation to study maps?

First, to go through all the raids will take a lot of time and a full immersion in all game's mechanics. After passing all raids, it will be possible to continue to play, completing side quests and discovering secret locations. And of course, waiting for DLC.

7. We still do not know what genre Tarkov refers to and what goals developers set to themselves. I would like to find out what will be "conditional" 30 minutes of game. So, the player clicks on the button "join server" and ..?

Let's wait for the Stream, couse tell it by typing will be very long (interview was on-line - @Selmania's not)
I would say one thin: don't compare the gameplay in general with some well-known games.

8. Will there be only 2 types of voices in each of the three factions? I mean voice of BEAR will be only Russian, while USEC will speak English only, or player can choose?

Initially voice will be authentic: BEAR in Russian, USEC's in English, SCAVS in Russian. (because actions of the game are held on the RU territory - @Selmania's note)

9. The server that handles the game: will you buy it and take care of it by yourself or servers will be leased?

The answer to this question above.

10. Do you plan to use Steam or any other digital distribution service?

We answer this question in the FAQ. The game will appear in Steam after the release of the game on our platform.

Developer's answers from RU. Part 1.


  1. The game will have two versions of the voice acting (with or without a obscene language).
  2. Sound will vary depending on the location of the character (indoor / outdoor area), the time of day, weather and other factors.
  3. There is possibility that there will be different times of the year (this information is still under discussion).
  4. The game will have active headphones that works same as in life (loud sounds are jammed and amplifies quiet one).
  5. The game will have mechanism of service weapons (detailed in Developers diary).
  6. Possibly, after the release of the game, developers will add hand equipment of magazine (including a variety of ammunition).
  7. The game will have heavy body armor (currently implemented Fort Defender with the protection of the groin and shoulder pads)
  8. There may be a P226 model and .40SW .357SIG caliber with a magazine on 12 cartridges.
  9. Subjects in the game can not be transferred (from 1 player inventory to another's player inventory).
  10. In the auction you can't quickly purchase an item at a lower cost.
  11. The flea market will have protection from instant transactions (one guy put in auction and another buy it quickly) +  there will be price / demand control. Actually EFT will have it's own economy.

Developer's answers from RU. Part 2


  1. Raid's reruns (starting same location several times) and timer in raids determined by regular "covering" locations (as I understood: developer means covering by artillery @Selmania). So player finds a "window of calm" and go to the raid at this time.
  2. There will be no ballancing teams on skills in the raid
  3. Developers can add a variety of left-hand (instead of default right) after the release of the game.
  4. Сache 10x60 - a great help in the game.
  5. Shell gun MP-133 will run under the cartridge 12x70 and 12x76.
  6. Developers plan to implement the marks of bullets and stab wounds on the body.
  7. In the game there will be blood, but no dismemberment.
  8. In the game the character can run, crawl, crouch, climb a vertical ladder. The character will not be able to swim, jump with a parachute and control transport.
  9. In the game will be VOIP and radio for communication.
  10. There will be no gold in its pure form, but player can find jewels that can be sold to dealers.
  11. There will be NO police shields.
  12. Replay system will be introduced to the game, but after the release.
  13. Function "corpses and wounded  dragging" will be implemented.
  14. The game will be chemical light (fusee). Light sources (partially or totally) be destroyed. Scavs may have flashlights on shotguns, but no flashlight in his hand.
  15. Planned: ability to turn head without turning the whole body.
  16. Offset transactions in the economic system is carried out upon completion of the transaction (buy / sell).
  17. On each account 3 game profile will be available.
  18. The entire AK line will be presented and plus civilian versions (Saiga, Boar).
  19. Sitting  and his movement speed is adjustable (mouse wheel) 

Developer's answers from RU. Part 3


  1. Developers are working directly with the manufacturers of weapons, so don't worry about realism.
  2. Weapons parameters still will be adjusted to the real life performance characteristics.
  3. There will be variety of medications and addiction in case of frequent use. Condensed milk is also addictive.
  4. Developers don't plan any medicinal herbs and mushrooms in the game.
  5. Players will be joining to random raid, regardless of playing style (alone or in a team).
  6. After death player appears in lobby with a zero level of health. To go to the next raid you will have to be treated.
  7. You can gather a group during the raid.
  8. The player will not have to satisfy the hunger every 5 minutes. It will be maximum 1-2 times during the raid.
  9. Every object will have its weight. Depending on weight that palyer carrying movement speed and level of endurance will be changing.
  10. Clothes changing will be exist, but the customization will have superficial nature.
  11. In case of grenade explosion, there will be the calculation of its fragments.
  12. Mouse wheel will do a lot of movements. For example, player's movement speed or a smooth opening of the door.
  13. Player's nickname will not be displayed on a variety of user interface elements.
  14. You can sort your stuff in cache categories.
  15. There will not be character's face editor.
  16. Some trader will be selling medicine and medical treatment.
  17. Player can always come back to previous location and research it totally 
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Developer's answers from RU. Part 4

Скрытый текст
  1. Estimated time of raid  - 90 minutes.
  2. Freeroam mode will have its own location.
  3. You will be able to co-operate with other players to player who play SCAVS. Including radio.
  4. "Stress factor" will be added after release of the game,  it will affect epinephrine and much more.
  5. Controling settings could be managed
  6. System of assisting to other players is been researched.
  7. The European version of the game will be launched anywhere in the world. The question if you can change RU version to European is still open.
  8. Player will be temporarily stunned after grenade explosion.
  9. The key to access the alpha can not be bought separately from the entire pack.
  10. Checking the number of patrons in the magazin will be linked to the skills of the character. 

Some information about Alfa-test

Скрытый текст




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Developer's answers from RU. Part 5

  1. You can upgrade your pre-order package at any time, except for Edge of Darkness, that will only be available till the end of Alpha. When you upgrade your package, you pay the difference between the price of higher-tier edition and the one you have now. However, all taxes still apply, so there will be added VAT.

  2. The time in Tarkov is 4 times faster than IRL, means you can get 4 day/night cycles in 24 hours of real life time. So players would experience all of the cycle steps during their play

  3. The Free Roam mode will have maps from scenario walkthrough

  4. Developers are thingking about ablity to change you game region version (for example from US to EU) for thouse who already bought one of Pre-Order packs.

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