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DVL-10 how to use?

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Hi fellow escapees

I purchased the DVL-10 sniper rifle to try it out .  247K price tag = ouch

Anyway, I'm, having trouble consistently hitting anything over 100 meters.  My longest hit was 247 meters.

Does anybody know the following:

1)  Will this gun experience bullet drop at ranges over 200m  (the gun kicks hard so I dont see where the bullet hits).

2)  I assume that the bullets are armour piercing.  Could it be that I am hitting them but the bullets pass through them without doing enough damage to drop them? (opponents unarmoured AI)

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Hey mate, 

I believe what you are experiencing is in line with firing a real rifle (I haven't fired one in 20 odd years so don't hold me to that) even with scopes, unless you are set to a specific distance, in which case you could imagine the scope is tilted slightly down, so that for example at 100m the barrel and the scopes angle collide, then you will never be firing at the dot, you should be aiming exactly the distance between the centre of the barrel and the centre of the scope above the target (when the scope and barrel are angled parralell to each other). Even when using iron sights, you are not liking through the barrel, you are looking slightly above, and in the example shown in your video, there is some distance between centre barrel and the iron sights pin. 

Id have to test, but instead of using sights aiming point, imagine that the purpose of the sight is to get you in the vicinity of the shot, then compensate for the distance between the line of sight and the barrel, and fire. It seemed to be in line with the results in the video. 

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