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Dark screen

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So I got banned from forum for using hinting a swear word. Wrote that game was "broken af". Got me banned from forum for 1 month. Wauw :D
Anyway..... just tried the scav mode. Spawn in at forest map. Totaly black screen (as always when playing eft). See some dark characters walking around.
How do I know if they are other people playing as scavs ? Or if they are computer characters (AI) ? Or enemy players ?
I decide not to open fire. He speaks russian to me and leans left and right (friendly sigh I guess). Then another comes to us and also speaks russian.
All fine. Suddently after 30 seconds one of them starts shooting at the other !? Who do I shoot at then ? When one of them is killed, the other guy shoots me too !? WTF GAME ?!
Also how the hell (I didnt use the F-word, so dont ban me again for a month, moderators) do I know what way to go ? Screen is completely black and there is no map. Eeehm ?

Cant be bothered reading all the 1000´s of posts on the website (in case other users have asked same questions).
Btw I STILL have suddent "lag spikes" (fps drops) when encountering and shooting at players.
So much stuff stil broken.

Shall I just shoot at everything that moves, cause we cant see anything ingame cause its so dark all the time ?
Isnt it possible to see how many "players" are on the server ?
We´ve had access almost a YEAR now, and lag spikes (stable fps) is still not fixed.
I feel a "dayz 2.0" here :(
Please answer my questions regarding always black screen with no idea where to go cause of no map. And the black characters - how to know who is who.
And why would that scav start shooting at us (me and another scav).

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Allright, some of these issues seem to be inexperience, and that is fair. You have to spend some hours in tarkov to understand Tarkov. 

First things first. The black screen you are talking about. Could you post a screen? It sounds like it's simply nighttime? You can see wether or not it's night before you enter the raid by watching the in game clock. It'll be darkish between 8am and 8pm. 

You can not distinguish AI Scav from player Scav on anything else than behaviour. 

Player Scavs do whatever the player tells him to do, so the game can't be blamed for the Scav player shooting you. 

There are maps for Factory and Customs. Can be bought from Therapist trader. They will work like s real map though, so you still have to read it to find your position, there will not be a marker on own pos. 

There is still an offline mode in the game to help learn the maps. Use it while you can, and you will know the map by memory soon enough. 

Now for the speedround. 

You do whatever you want. Shoot, try to team up, avoid, stalk, it's up to you. 

No, there is no official way of checking players, neither connected or currently online. You can expect between 4 and 7 PMCs though on customs. 

Lag spikes are unfortunate. Read through the support section for many tips on how to improve your stutters and game experience.

Again, Im not really sure if this black screen is a bug or just nighttime. Please post a picture. 

That Scav started shooting because that's what he wanted. Could be greed, cowardice, trolling, impossible to know his interior motive. 

Hope this helps! 

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Yeah sounds like nighttime to me. And all this fps lag youre talking about, I don't get that, what are your pc specs? If youre running the game on higher graphics than your pc can handle then thats your problem.
You can tell if it's a PMC (USEC or BEAR) by the clothes. And you can tell if its a player scav by their behavior (i.e. the friendly q and e wiggle, which is not programmed into ai scavs).
You seem to be unnecessarily blaming the game for either your inexperience or other players behavior, what other players decide to do (shooting at other scavs and you) is completely up to them, not the games fault.
No it is not possible to see how many players are on the server other than the estimate on the map selection screen, which I believe is the right choice on the devs part.
There are maps in the game, but as FGulli said they do not show your position, you need to explore the maps in daylight to learn them. There are also maps on the forums with marked positions, just use the search function.

I looked art your profile and all your questions seem to stem from a lack of experience and a lack of reading patch notes and other material the devs have put out for us.

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