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Fast ammo reload


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Hello I have a request for this game,

In guerilla warfare it is verry often used to have a "Dual ammo reloading techniqe"

it is 2 magazines taped together and a piece of stick between them to fast reload. Would be so cool if you could animate this :) thanks

Also a camel pack is verry often used if running/ traveling a far way on foot to replenish hydronation. Can´t wait to play this game

Take care & cheers from Sweden

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Awesome really enjoy that you replied to my comment, I am verry found of soilder stuff equipment  this is a cammel pack that store water and has a tube so that you can drink from it and have it on your back search?q=camelbak+hydration&rlz=1C1CHZL_ :)

also a regular cantein bottle would be nice search?q=canteen+bottle&rlz=1C1CHZL_svSE

dosen´t have to look this "fancy" oh you have to left klick the links and press open in new window

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wanted to show pictures
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