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To the guy I owe my life !


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I just encountered a guy on factory who spared my life and even gave me a fort amor,a shotty, and the p-91 of a dead scav.You lovely motherhugger probably wont find this,.... but know one thing if you do. I love you <3.

I was on a hatchling run on factory ( no hate, I got a full stash and just wanted to see how far i can get with my axe) and got hunted by some players and a scav who shredded both of my legs. I barely escaped in to the bathrooms to patch me up. I heard suppressed gunfire from the staircase and was pretty sure that my coughing character( i ducking love this game) already exposed my position. So ,me, started to limp towards the red door to encounter my maker....he opened the door...but instead of a bloodthirsty COD kiddy ...i encountered a knight in shining armor ( fort armor, helmet, t glasses). He aimed at me . And I closed my eyes. My life was flashing before my eyes. All the love I experienced ,,, all the amazing people I met...all the achievements I reached.... but....but... I heard no gunshot....no....instead.... i heard a dull impact on the ground...a backpack...and in it ... a fort armor... I picked it up . I looked at him with tearful eyes. He just stood there, wiggeling like the true champ he was. All that i could do was wiggle back. Suddenly, i got shot by a scav through the hole in the wall and I tried to limp towards the stairs. And like the true hero he was, he simply faced the threat and shredded that bot into pieces. At that very moment i knew, i fell in love. Another scav made his appearance but this time we struck him down together, me with my p226 which I had in my gamma case and he with his silenced ak. I took the loot and we started  our journey to the exit. Me limping and he covering . We arrived at the exit and both started to wiggle again,,, one last wiggle,,, one last jump,,,3 2 1 . And he was gone. I will never see him again. But i will continue his legacy.






ps.: kappa, i will kill every single on of these annoying fuckwits hahahahha

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