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Under the USEC protection: Surveillance Diary


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We continue to publish news stories about a private military company USEC.



Got a tip that two days ago Václav Novak has met at the Golden Dragon restaurant with E.A. Kovtun - the Regional Director of TerraGroupLabs in Russia and the CIS, then Novak and Kovtun visited the premises of the former Chemical Factory No. 16, Polikhim Limited JSC. Today at 12:30 an insider has reported, that Polikhim Limited JSC terminates a contract with a private security company owned by TARBank and the PSC employees have left their posts. Requesting permission to conduct surveillance on the enterprise premises.


At 6:30, two hours before the shift end, the main building of Polikhim Limited OJSC was approached by five Nissan SUVs with tinted windows. By running the license plates it was determined that vehicles were registered to the TerraGroupLabs company. Four men exited from every vehicle in unmarked uniforms - presumably USEC staff, after that they took twelve sport duffle bags from baggage compartments and entered the building.

At 13:40, Novak arrived and was met by A. Sanderson, Executive Director of Polihim Limited JSC. Both disappeared into the building. At 14:25 Novak has left.

At about 15:00 uniformed people, now with automatic weapons, took up positions previously abandoned by Tarbank PSC.



Regarding the query on the whereabouts of the USEC staff, we can report the following - the rank and file, particularly carrying out security functions on the premises of Polikhim Limited OJSC and Western quarry, is based in the completed wing of an office complex under construction, owned by Monolit Group. Access to the building is restricted.

At the same time, it can be safely assumed that the officers, as well as striking forces are stationed in other places and up to a certain point do not come into contact with the exposed employees. Meanwhile, discovering their whereabouts is seemingly impossible.

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