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Black Division PMC (long post)


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I don't know if any of you played Contract Wars browser game, but in that game they had a roulette which you got to roll for free 2-3 times a day or purchase more rolls.

They had many prizes that you could win, but the most sought after and valuable prize was Black Division - supposedly this would reward you with one million credits and 500gp (not sure how many gp, something like that). GP was premium, real life money, in game currency.

I can't remember where exactly I heard it, but Black Division is like the best of the best. Only the best fighters get into Black Division PMC.

"Passing all levels and get all titles player can become even steeper , joining the Black Division, which essentially is a group of professionals Contract Wars. As a fighter of this elite unit , the player gets access to the black gold (BG), on which he can buy unique weapons , perks and opportunities. More about this mode will be written in the following posts."

I found this on a CW kongregate forum, but I have also heard that Black Division is something that only the developers get access to / or give access to other players.

"What is Black Division?
According to the backstory of the project, some third power with most powerful PMC unit, who takes action in conflict.
Usually developers take this clan fro themselfs.
In the roulette it is a huge-extra-mega-cool prize, which is also extremly rare"

ALL these quotes are official, you can find them on NQSS' posts on Contract Wars forums on Kongregate...


So I was thinking that you could have Black Division in game;

Perks would be:

-Weekly wages rewarded, say 100,000 roubles every week.

-Access to super rare and expensive guns for free, or on discount from trader who only sells to contracters from Black Division PMC.



So if you have pre-ordered The Edge of Darkness Limited Edition, you get access to Black Division perks / gamemode. (this gamemode could be a bit like scav gamemode, where you spawn in with gear which would be provided free of charge by Black Division PMC.)

However, to stop this from becoming way too overpowered, lets say that The Edge of Darkness players are only part of Black Division PMC for the first three months...

Then the only way to become part of Black Division PMC is to be in the top 500 players of the global leaderboard, (based on kills, looting etc...)

But this number, in this case 500, is dependent on however many people have actually preordered Edge of Darkness edition. If only 400 people have done this, then there is only ever going to be 400 places in Black Division for the whole life of this wonderful game.

So you get to secure your place in Black Division PMC for the first couple of months since release day, (simply because you preordered the limited edition) and then after that, your place is up for grabs so that anyone who rises up in the global leaderboard / rankings can take the place and become part of Black Division PMC. But this would only be a perk for the limited edition people and only for the first few months after release, and then anyone who is good enough can take their place.

Thank you for getting this far, and I hope the devs involve this in the game!

I love the look of this game, but I am waiting to get my hands on it as i have studies until july...


Yes i like saying "Black Division PMC"


Here is someone else pic that i found on google images! (from Contract Wars)

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i like the idea of being some sort of high end division / unit that everybody could be a part of if they're good enough 

that being said i would hate exclusive or free content since this isnt a F2P game i would feel "cheated" if i couldnt get access to all content in one way or the other unless i spend a poo ton of hours in the game 

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On 15/04/2017 at 4:19 AM, christoffer5700 said:

i like the idea of being some sort of high end division / unit that everybody could be a part of if they're good enough 

that being said i would hate exclusive or free content since this isnt a F2P game i would feel "cheated" if i couldnt get access to all content in one way or the other unless i spend a poo ton of hours in the game 

Fair enough I see what you mean, It should be obtainable for all. But only for the very best!

Obviously IRL nobody likes elitism, but this is Tarkov, a destabilised war zone.

It should just be EFT's equivalent of esports, (like in csgo) super competitive to get Black Division Ranking, but as part of Black Divison, you get made available to esports teams who need players.

Perks of being in an esport team and being in Black Division would be free gear and in-game money each week!

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Iam kinda worried about the Immersion though. Like already elite Operators (USEC and BEAR) joining some weird outside unit? Now i dont want to glorify every Tier 1 Operators allegiance to his country/unit but i cant imagine that things would develop like that in the set environment we have in Tarkov at the moment. 

Also what would be the mission of the said Black Division? Just have an easier life in Tarkov? Where are the wages coming from and the free/discounted gear? Raiding of the remaining survivors? 

Just initial questions i asked myself immediately :)

In general though i think some kind of more faction related play would be appreciated. Though lets wait what the developers take is on the current faction system. 

Keep up the suggestions guys. 

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I don't see where this would add to tarkovs fun? It would just carebear people with certain ranks to stay that rank? If I have enough money and report with a trader.. any gun should be available for purchase. Any type of ingame currency bought with real life currency is a bad idea. Elite teams? Yawn. Custom clans? Sure. A top players / clans list? Sure, will it call these people black division elite whatever's? Who cares. 

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Well, they just canonically introduced Black Division in The Raid ep. 5. I thought they were raiders but they seem to be Terragroup's elite death squad working with the Russian Army.

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We will see what will come in lore quests. But in my opinion no player should be in Black Division. We should rather start collecting informations about them and fight them in the end. I like that sort of mystical stuff around Black Division. Highly classified info, the best of the best PMC's. Paid by Terragroup, private death squad. As a players we are not a match for them thats why we need eachother to oppose them. We all want to Escape from Tarkov.



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