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Weapon Companies Thread


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One amazing weapon suggestion:

Saiga V46 AK.

 Its a .308win/7.62 NATO 13.8' AK. And it has a short barrel and there are a few different versions but I think thr shorty would be amazing. 

Since there is a saiga in game the contacts should be known.


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On 8/9/2020 at 4:38 AM, Azzahere said:

Sr2 veresk, because in the game you have : P90 and the mp7 but no sr2 so the 9x21 is kinda useless

SR-2 is planned™, but there is no telling at the moment for when.

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I have some weapons suggestions, the CZ 75 would be an amazing addition. Czech semiauto pistol in 9x19 PARA or .40S&W configurations. Contact info: https://www.czub.cz/en/contacts/


Also, I'd love to see more DMR's or SWS, like the SR-25, 7.62X51mm gas operated rotating bolt semiauto DMR. Contact info: https://www.knightarmco.com/contact


Or even the CheyTac M200 Intervention, anti-materiel rifle chambered in .408CheyTac or .375CheyTac. Contact info: https://cheytac.com/contact/


This so we could have more western bloc weapons!

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CZ Scorpion EVO 3 (A1,S1, S1, Pistol S2 Pistol, and S1 with Magpul Edition) 
CZ 457 

 [email protected]


(Sorry theres just many to put pictures)




Lewis Machine and Tool Company

Confined Space Weapon 


Sales Dept: 309-732-9527
Main Line: 309-787-7151


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PGW Defense Technologies Inc.                                                            [email protected] 

The evolution of the C14 MRSWS is represented in the latest incarnation of the Timberwolf 338 Lapua Sniper Weapons System. A dynamic balance of accuracy, ergonomics, adaptability and integration make this the finest 338 SWS on the Market.

This would be an amazing add as it is a current service rifle for our Canadian sniper teams and comes in 338 Lapua! adding 338 ammunition into the game would be amazing for sniping.

Plus it looks amazing. 


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I dont have the marketing information on hand, but thats the site, and it has some general contact information.

They make handguns, cheap, small mags (10 rounds), comparable to the PM, more conceal carry handguns.

I work for the company in FL US, and have tested them, they are not too bad either, not as comfy as a glock or fn, but it works for what its built for, red dot optional too. 9mm and .380 variants. New 250-300$.

Would be interesting to see it in game, or even the company to see some light, pretty popular atm because of the hype of the election, everybody wants a gun, its a good beginner handgun.



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Manufacture/Company Name: 
Desert Tech

The type of weapons they make (pictures optional):
Desert Tech HTI, Desert Tech SRS-A2, Desert Tech MDR, Desert Tech MDRx






(Above is the overmolded handguard in a Compliant Variant, bottom is the MDRX Micron with the side eject kit)

Their email or official marketing contact information:

[email protected]

Any additional comments you have:
This reply is to talk about the new MDRX Rifle that came out in 2020.  The MDRx is a second generation of the MDR with a redesigned chassis (Polymer), redesigned trigger, redesigned gas system, and redesigned barrel system.  Outwardly it looks like the MDR but has improved reliability as well as allows for a side eject version (.5 lbs ligher) as well as two other calibers and multiple barrel lengths.  Details of the design history is located here:


This proposal is to expand and diverge the MDR and MDRx Rifles in Game.  Note all options below could be Semi Auto if desired (308 and 6.5 creed come to mind however the MDR, MDRX, and any aftermarket trigger/sear pack is interchangeable in all platforms).  Outward appearance differences would be primarily handguard and color.

Rifle proposal
MDR Original (no change)

  • Tan - 223 Wyle/5.56 with 16" barrel and stock foregrip (as is right now)
  • Black - 308/7.62 with 16" barrel and stock foregrip (as is right now)


  • FDE - 223 Wyle/5.56 Side Eject with Micron with 11.5" Barrel and Raiden Flash Hider
  • FDE - 223 Wyle/5.56  Side Eject with 20" barrel and Overmolded Handguard and Ratchet Compensator
    Black - 300 BLK Forward eject with 16" Barrel, Overmolded handguard and Suppressor
  • FDE - 6.5 Creedmore Forward eject with 20" Barrel and Mantis Handguard and Ratchet Compensator + Saddle Blanket
  • Black - 308/7.62 with 20" Forward eject barrel and Mantis Handguard and Ratchet Compensator + Saddle Blanket

MDRX Caliber changes (9 different barrel options)

  • 20" 6.5 Creed Barrel Forward Eject
  • 16" and 20" .308/7.62 Barrel Forward Eject
  • 16" and 20" .223/5.56 Wylde Barrel Forward Eject
  • 11.5", 16", and 20" .223/5.56 Wylde Barrel Side Eject
  • 16" 300 BLK Barrel Forward Eject

MDRX Muzzle devices (2 different DT options)

Foregrip Options (8 DT fore grips on the market today):

  1. Stock Polymer Black and FDE: (already in game).  Note the existing handguard can not fit a suppressor on a 16" barrel
  2. Overmolded Handguard (Black and FDE): (Longer polymer hand guard that can accommodate a supressor,

  3. Black Label Mantis Handguard Black and FDE: Is an aluminum hand guard of similar dimensions to the stock handguard, but can mount a surpressor, integratoed bipod, and allows a foregrip mounted at the same time
  4. Micron Handguard (Black and FDE): Is a Polymer handguard  designed for use with a 10.5" barrel (More on this later)


Saddle Blanket Options:

Trigger Kits

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Stock Polymer Black and FDE: (already in game).  Note the stock handguard can not fit some* suppressor on a 16" barrel

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