PP-19-01 Vityaz submachinegun

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There are some hard mistakes in the discription and in the ingame model as well. 

First of all, here we have got "PP-19-01 SN, mod.20". It is not based AKS-74U, it is based on AK-105. 

As written in the description, first there was PP-19 Bizon, it was based on AKS-74U. Then it was updated for using normal magazines, and that's how PP-19-01 mod.10 was born. It was also based on AKS-74U, and this was the last problem to solve, because you were not able to use common modifications made for AK-74 and AK-100 series. 

Ans only then was made PP-19-01 SN, which we can see in game. In was born by uniting PP-19-01 mod. 10 and AK-105. 

And because of this horroble misunderstanding of the gun's nature we have second problem. 
All forends, which we can use on AK-74N match to Vityaz in reality!!! They are absolutely similar! But, for example, i cant install wooden AK-74N forend on my PP-19-01. And I can-not install modern forends with picatiny rails as well..... 


Here is a picture of PP-19-01 mod.10 that one IS REALLY based on AKS-74U and PP-19-01 mod.20 made from AK-105. Try to find some differences.... I really hope that this awful ignorance will be corrected as soon, as possible. 

PS sorry for my horroble english :) Tere is no Vityaas theme in Russian part of the forum


Скрытый текст




And here are PP-19-01 mod.20 and AK-105, on which it was really based on


Скрытый текст



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The muzzle velocity on PP-19-01 Vityaz-SN is wrong!

With 9x19mm FMJ: 290 m/s

9x19 Pst gzh: 376 m/s


Meanwhile the HK MP5 has shorter barrel and 30% higher velocity:

9x19 FMJ: 397 m/s

9x19 Pst gzh: 517 m/s 

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