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Big milestone for CZ/SK community, thanks!


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This day is for our community a huge milestone, our CZ/SK community has become the second largest on FB, firt is only official EFT page. From november 2016 to april 2017 have more then 1740 fans and still expanding.

Players from CZ/SK have for game great interest, and also thanks to our community and your emissary program,  bring the game to mainstream. 

We established a community for gamers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, translated the complete forum rules, was to translate the entire FAQ, established TEAMSPEAK community server. We keep presenting material that presents the FB and bring them almost immediately to us.

We plan to assist in translating the game, or select fan translation will not be possible unless an official translation.

Periodically we do game stream with our community of players who are enjoying great popularity.

Our players regularly in games dispatched error logs, trying to assist in the development and testing, these and other players will try to reward, especially thanks to your alpha key.

I want to thank you for such a great community, gamers, developers for the great job on the game Escape from Tarkov, @Natalino, @Blackb1rd, which enclose all hands on deck.


HajDEO and PUG




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You guys are so big! Congrats man! We are working on the same model of community and we made our way to become the 4th biggest community! We are about to reach 1.2k likes in our page.

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