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The arrival of the Van Saint special forces: Surveillance Diary


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We continue to publish news stories about a private military company USEC.



A tip came in that Gus Van Saint, the Director of the USEC special operations department, will arrive to the Tarkov airport at 11.30. The surveillance discovered that Van Saint has arrived in the company of a woman, aged approximately 30-35 years, without luggage, except for woman’s briefcase. A the exit he was met by a vehicle registered to TerraGroup Inc.

From the airport Van-Saint and his companion went directly to the office of the Terra Group Lab company. Arrived at 12:20.

At 14:15 Van Saint walked out of the building alone, got into the car that was expecting him and headed to Nika hotel.

At 18:00 Janis Apsitis came to the hotel as well, but left it 15 minutes later.

At 20:40 Van Saint and Novak were spotted in the restaurant of the same hotel.

16.09. At 8:15 the Terra Group Lab car has pulled up to the hotel. At 8:30, Van Saint walked out of the hotel and got into a car. At 8:40, the Van Saint’s vehicle has entered the guarded premises of the residential complex owned by the Monolit Group.

19:50 - Van Saint hasn’t leaved yet. Assuming that the compound has another secret exit.

21:10 - Van Saint and Novak spotted in the restaurant of the Nika hotel. He’s thrown me off.



17.09. Managed to find out where Van Saint was going when he escaped from surveillance. On 16th, the Van Saint’s car has went to the checkpoint on the port entrance at around 9:30 and then followed onto Mortorg JSC territory. At 10:10, six CIT Gazelle minivans owned by TARBank have also went in there, and within 20 minutes they came back, accompanied by Van Saint’s car. Their further route is unknown. Assuming that Van Saint has need meeting his special force.

It was established that the day before only one vessel has entered the port, namely bulk carrier Ocean Slogger of the Tanzanian company Lindi Kivinje. Requesting check of the company’s connection to Terra Group and permission to start monitoring the vessel.

18.09. The ship remained in port, the crew is staying on board.  At 12:20 the first mate went ashore, visited the port administration building, as well as the main office of Mortorg JSC, then returned to the ship at 14:40. Didn’t come out of the port to the city.

External Surveillance ENG.png

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