Escape: Surveillance Diary

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We continue to publish news stories about a private military company USEC.


20.09. At 13:30 the Pier 5 where the Ocean Slogger is moored was approached at high speed by a Nissan SUV with tinted Windows, owned by the TerraGroupLabs company. Five people in uniforms with USEC stripes popped out and tried to secure the pier. Three employees of the Tiger PSC confronted them, however, in a heated argument with weapon shouldering. After one of the Tiger employees had a talk over cell phone, the PSCs have left. USECs set up a perimeter.

At 14:00 a convoy of seven vehicles drove up to the pier. The head and trailing cars were Toyota SUV with license plates registered to TerraGroup Inc., and five TARBank CIT Ford minivans in the middle. Armed people in the USEC uniforms got out of SUVs, four of them took up positions next to the ship gangway, another four covered exit of passengers from the CIT vans. A total of twelve passengers have got out, of which seven have immediately boarded the vessel and remaining five started unloading some boxes and crates from the cars. At some point USECs joined them in moving boxes.

At 14:20 the loading ended, the CIT cars have left, and USEC stayed to cover the departure of the vessel.

At 14:30 the Ocean Slogger has unberthed from the pier. USECs got into their cars and drove away.


Czech Version - Here

External Surveillance ENG.png

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All well and good but what I'm really looking for is a "DEVELOPER Diary" ;)

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