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Naming bags and or weapons

Kilon Kasio

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Just a quick suggestion, would anyone else care to be able to name their bags and/or weapons? I mention this because I've seen a fair amoutn of players that utilize bags to organize their inventory and well once you have so many bags, it can be a pain in the ass to try and figure out whats in what. For my, I have  a bag for ammo, spare mags (as if they're really needed), few that hold armor, spare parts and scopes, etc etc. Being able to toss a name on the bag like "Medical" or "Ammo" would help us out a bit don't ya think?

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Elsewhere I suggested having your name on all of your (important, or insured) items by default. If someone of your own faction gets out with your stuff, he'll notice that the items are from one of his faction-mate, and he can return the stuff to you, for a little karma boost. If you report being TKed (only possible if you have actually being TKed), and someone refuses to return your stuff, he'll get a karma penalty, because he either killed you by himself, or he looted your ass and refused to give your stuff back.

If I have not messed up that idea totally, it should prevent people from TKing for loot. And it still fits the lore.

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