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The Scavs: Pashutin armed group


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Pashutin Boris Semyonovich

Alias: Fiend

Born in St. Petersburg. After discharge from the army employed as a guard at a grocery store, then received a private security training and joined PETRObank security staff.

After the opening of the PETRObank branch in Tarkov, he moved there, becoming the branch Deputy Chief of Security.

The details of the group genesis surfaced during interrogation of one of the participants of the described events, a former employee of Gvardia PSC, Kedrov Igor Ivanovich, conducted by me, personally. After the interrogation Kedrov has been eliminated in accordance with the situation.

At the interrogation, Kedrov said that after commencement of active hostilities in the city, Bank Security Chief arrived at the building and ordered him and five more bank guards on duty at that moment to barricade themselves inside the building and protect the storage till arrival of the CIT guards.

However, two days later, nobody showed up, but from time to time the sounds of gunfire could be heard outside. Communications, including cellular, were not working. The PSC staff, Kedrov noted, all this time remained in depressed emotional state, started talking about taking the money and going, opposed only by Security Chief.

On the third day, a furious dispute broke out. The Chief cocked up his weapon, ordering to calm down and forget about the money, but Pashutin shot him from behind. This event caused some confusion among the remaining guards, but in the end no one expressed resentment or anger.

The guards filled CIT bags with banknotes of various denominations and left the building. On the way they stopped by the neighboring jeweler, where two armed guards were also awaiting assistance. Pashutin suggested them to claim the valuables and join his group. They agreed.

Once inside the apartment of one of the guards, the group celebrated the events with a drinking party, deciding to stick together.

The Pashutin armed group is an organization consisting of rather well-trained and armed people. Pashutin conducts scrupulous personnel screening, preferring former  employees of PSC like himself or government security agencies.

Hence, even though they don’t specifically exercise in cruelty, the Pashutin group represents a serious danger, as evidenced by the successful ambush of heavily armed USEC team, which resulted in killing of seven company employees, as well as the destruction of the Russian outpost in the customs area.


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