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The Scavs: Grizzle armed group

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Alias: Grizzle. Real name unknown.

Attempts to clear up the identity of a person hiding behind the Grizzle alias were not yet successful. Moreover, for a long time I believed that in there are two different groups of Scavs under the guidance of leaders with the same nicknames.

Previously I was able to figure out that group that attacked the food warehouse in the customs area in May and later distributed the products among the civilian population, identified themselves as the group of Grizzle.

At the same time, that was also self-naming of the group that massacred the local population near the water tower in the suburbs in June.

Such inconsistency was misleading for a while, but the questioning of one of the members of the group confirmed that the same people operated in both cases, and both attacks were initiated by Grizzle.

Thus, we are dealing with psychologically unstable personality or even  mentally ill person experiencing bouts of manic cruelty - confirmed by evidence of committed tortures and executions. For instance, after the attack on the USEC escort team its dead fighters were hung on power line pylons, and after the attack on the BEAR car heads of the four dead soldiers were placed on the roof of the car and set on fire.

Just like Stoporenko group, the Grizzle group cannot boast the stability of composition and mostly attracts civilians lured by impunity. Crew members that are mentally unfit for such cruelty leave, replaced by those that are either okay with it or do not yet know about the inclinations of the leader.

However, during the activities of the group the Grizzle personality formed a certain core of individuals who share his methods, and the volatility of the Grizzle’s mental condition makes group actions unpredictable, rendering it especially dangerous for both civilians and military personnel.


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    So there's Different groups. Of scavs i wonder if they will be some way to tell what group of scavs are trying to kill you it also sounds like the grizzles. Run around customs and  around woods what  group runs around  factory?? Makes you think 

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