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Now it seem either Peacekeeper has very low quantity of the MP5 or it is just bought out by bots/scripts extremely quickly. This patch I still haven't even seen it available, even though I camp the screen and refresh it after the timer runs down. And I have a huge pile of knives in my stash that will probably just need to go now as there is no point to have that space taken 

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Am 28.8.2017 um 17:51 schrieb Salteris:

The MP5 in game proportions are incorrect. It's too small. Here are two comparing photos. Notice the in-game forefinger reaches the mag, yet the IRL pic barely escapes the trigger guard?  It needs to be a larger representation.

Eft Screenshot 2017.png


Like you pointed out, the MP5 in EFT is in the wrong scale.

In direkt comparison the MP5SD is shorter than an AKS-74U.
But it should be the other way around, in reality the MP5 SD is around 790mm and the AKS-74U 735mm.
Right now it looks like a cheap BB gun, should be an easy fix.

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Please add Surefire handguard with laser/flashlight and Aimpoint Reddot in upcoming update. That is so iconic!!!

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Please add the three lug muzzle break (forgot the name), please?



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