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EU Escort In-Game Event Organizational Information


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>.....Incoming Priority Connection.....

>.....Init Authorization Handshake........................Complete

>.....Access and Account Verification....................Complete

>.....Rec RSA Decrypt-Key..........20..........48..........78..........100..........Coplete




>.....Receiving Packet Burst..........3..........36..........63..........81..........99..........100..........Complete



>.....Init Decrypt Process AI-21..........15..........73..........100..........Complete


>.....Init Reader.exe/UrgentEvac.doc


>.....From: [email protected]

>.....To: [email protected]

>.....Subject: RE: EVAC
>.....First wave of extraction......65% success. Initialize extraction wave 2. End.
>......Utilize PMC presence. Authorization of company asset use within exclusion zone to achieve goal has been granted by the board. End.
>.....Be aware local Scav gangs are gaining strength. Secure locations can no longer be considered secure. End.
>.....End of file


Hello, Escapers!

We are proud to announce our upcoming event for our EU Community, Dev-Escort, which took place last week for our NA Players. Due to the success of this event, we thought we owed our EU Community the same quality of event NA Players received! If you wish to participate in this event, please be sure to pay attention to the following information, which will outline the course of the event and details of when and where:

On to the details!

Event Description

The previous evacuation of High-Value Targets (HVTs) by freelance PMC Soldiers was a moderate success, with some teams making it to the extraction site and some falling under the guns of the local Scavengers who had their sights set on the equipment carried by both HVT and PMC alike. Due to the chance of success, interests outside of Tarkov have chosen to attempt to extract another group of HVT's carrying equipment and information from secure sites within Tarkov, due to the mounting crisis and embodiment of Scav factions within Tarkov. The interested parties have contracted various PMCs from both factions, left behind in the ruins of Tarkov to assist their HVTs in extracting. Will you take the contract and get your men to the extraction or will you fight alongside the vicious Scavs who seek the bounty held in their packs? We shall find out soon!

Location of Extraction

  • Woods
  • Extraction route unknown

Event Time

Raids BEGIN:

  • 19h00/7pm British Summer Time (Western Europe)
  • 20h00/8pm Central European Time (Central Europe)
  • 21h00/9pm Eastern European Time (Eastern Europe/Western Russia)
  • 21h00/9pm MSK (Moscow Time)

N.B: Be aware that the places will be given to those that come early. This will start an hour before the set starting time. As soon as the timer hits 0 is when everyone is ready and the first raid will begin. So you must come early if you want to ensure that you will take place.

Team Compositions

3 PMC Players will escort 3 HVT's to the Extraction Zone in Woods (6Players):

  • The PMC's Escorting the HVT's have full freedom with their personal choice of weaponry, body armor, and select goodies but must be heavily geared to get the job done. As your HVT's will be passing off their backpack loaded with goodies at the extract, be sure to leave space to pick up the backpack (Do not bring your backpacks)!
  • The High-Value Targets (Dev Team) will be armed with a Basic Makarov only for personal defense. HVT's will not be carrying military grade weaponry on their person (but perhaps in their bag of goodies).

Scav Team (12 Players):

  • 12 Scav's will be tasked with intercepting and stealing the goods from the PMC Escorts and HVTs. Scavs will work together alongside other AI SCAVs as well. Will this friendship continue after the job is done, though? That we will leave up to you.  


  • The Event will be held in SIX individual rounds. This means Six Escort Teams and Six Scav Teams.
  • The Escort Team will have 20 minutes from the beginning of the Round to move through the Map, engage hostile Scavs and reach the extract zone.
  • The Scav Team has the full duration of the round to intercept and eliminate the escaping PMC's and the HVT's they guard.
  • Each Round will happen in quick succession at the conclusion of the previous Round, so we urge all players to arrive early and ahead of time to prepare for the event, to help ensure we can begin each round quickly and reduce the overall wait time between matches.
  • Unfortunately, later raid players would be having a waiting time until the other raids are done so this forces us to inform you to ensure you are able to do this when attending this event. This is the best possible way for this moment.

Event Preparation

In Preparation of the Event, we urge all attending players to join the Discord as soon as you receive the invite (Invites will be sent hours before the event) and try to be online an hour before the beginning of the event for organization into the groups and rounds. The quicker everyone can be organized, the faster we can get to playing and having a great time! Attendance will be on a first come, first serve basis for assignment of Rounds and Teams. Late arrivals will either be unable to participate or be placed on a backup roster to fill in last minute vacancies. We will start giving places 1 hour before the event starting time and the first raid will commence when the timer hits 0.

Ideal General Breakdown of Event Timeline

  • -1h00m: Organize Teams and Preparations for the Event
  • -0h30m: Distribution of configuration to connect to the Event Server (Config file download and replace)
  • 0h00m: Round 1 Begins!
  • 0h20m: Round 1 Ends!
  • 0h25m: Round 2 Begins!
  • 0h45m: Round 2 Ends!
  • 0h50m: Round 3 Begins!
  • 1h10m: Round 3 Ends!
  • 1h15m: Round 4 Begins!
  • 1h35m: Round 4 Ends!
  • 1h40m: Round 5 Begins!
  • 2h00m: Round 5 Ends!
  • 2h05m: Round 6 Begins!
  • 2h25m: Round 6 ends!

Party Formation

For non-EU players who are participating, please ensure that you are invited to a squad by an EU player in your wave/team (Or else you will be unable to join the right server). Parties are limited to a maximum of 3 players, IE 1x EU-Based Party Leader and 2x NA/RU players, to allow all players to connect to the Event server.

Rules and Regulations

  • Respect each other
  • Push to talk at all times
  • Follow instructions given by the organizing team fast and precise 
  • Escort Players may not team kill other Escort Players or the HVT's (This is very strict, and purposely killing friendlies will see you permanently banned from all future events and other actions might be taken)
  • Scavs should not outright kill each other until the Escort Team has been eliminated or left the area. Strength in numbers! You have a large area to cover.
  • Have fun!

Streaming Rules and Regulations

  • All Scav Players may stream as they wish, but may not stream their desktops. Please limit your stream to in-game capture only, or conduct any sensitive information regarding the event off stream on a second monitor. (If not followed, it will hinder the event and you will be removed from the session as well)
  • All Escort Players are free to stream, but it is required that you have a stream delay of no less than five minutes, to dissuade stream sniping and providing intel to your opponents! (Agreement to this is a must in order to play on this side)
  • We will post stream channels we have from all teams 1-2 hours before the event start on our Forum and Social Media.

Signing up

Do not use this thread to sign up. This is for informational purpose in regards to the event. Use the thread below to sign up:


Special thanks to Head Moderator @ArmaSwiss on the help on the preparation of this post.


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Quick question. Will Oceania (specifically Australia) ever get any love.

Or are we doomed to lag out on foreign servers?

Because I love this game and want to stay heavily involved but it will difficult if we lose our gear to lag every match.


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1 hour ago, tacitium said:

Quick question. Will Oceania (specifically Australia) ever get any love.

Oceanic servers are planned and will be added in the future. But please, stay on topic. This is not the place for this question. Make sure to use the search function to find your answers as well. Thanks!

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